Simtoo Announces Dragon Fly Pro With Remote Controller

Simtoo (Shenzhen Simtoo Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd)  a china based company which was know for producing big professional drones for Television and media firms launched its pro version of Dragon fly.

Earlier in 2016 CES , Simtoo Dragon fly version 1.0 was show cased as world first fold-able compact drone with a weight of just a kilogram and completely controlled with a smart watch. 5500mah Li-Po battery and brushless motors along with a 4K Camera are few highlights of its initial version.

Technically, if you are new to drone hobby and if you could really afford the $500 price tag,  i wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dragon Fly as your best choice. The reason being, Flying Simtoo doesn't requires any skills, its completely automated Drone which takes off, lands by itself and follows you with a tap of a button on the watch.

Simtoo Dragon Fly Pro

Simtoo Dragon Fly Pro, Whats New!

Dragon Fly Pro is a new Launch to its predecessor, while the previous version does not come with a transmitter and can only controlled by a smart watch (which does not have a good range), the New Dragon Fly Pro has a good speed along with the option to control the drone with the transmitter .The Range of the newly introduced remote control is over 1000 meters. Following are the quick features of  the Pro Version of Dragonfly

Sim Too Drangon fly Pro

Hands Free Flying

Breakthrough innovation of  RC watch control along with the GPS Tracker. Intelligent flight modes such as auto-take off and auto-return to home can be triggered with just a tap of watch buttons. No pilot experience required. Simply direct dragonfly where to go with a creative stick on the watch. Free your hands and let the drone automatically fly in the path you demand, called Follow me!

SimToo Drangon fly Pro Camera

Follow me with Smart Watch GPS Tracker

With GPS built-into the watch, dragonfly drone autonomously follows you wherever you go. Just leave it behind while you are running or riding. The aircraft will sense your orientation, turn the camera to you at all times and capture every movement. Max 20 m/s fly speed makes dragonfly the ultimate tracker for fast & furious sports video-graphy.


Remote Control, Control Distance upto 1000 Meters (Simtoo Dragon Fly Pro)

Dragonfly also goes with a redesigned remote controller which extends the RC distance to 1KM. Built-in LCD screen keeps you updated with the flight status of the aircraft. Flexible joysticks allow experienced pilots to have a more responsive control and perform or fly in an orbit around you with camera watch you always, makes you the center of the intelligent flights with press of buttons on the remote.

4K Flying Camera

4K 16MP sports camera with Sony sensor makes every detail visible in the image, shot from the drone along with detachable 3D brush less gimbal.

If you are looking for a drone with no flying experience , Simtoo is your best companion.
available for purchase Here


  1. Looks super fun! On geekbuying it dropped to $389. I might get one for that price.