Syma X11C Aircam Quadcopter Review and Rating

Welcome to, this is my first post and review of Syma X11C Quadcopter. Syma known for its stability, proved the world with its S107G, the most stable helicopter as of today under dollar 20 and to no surprise Syma X5c/X5C-1 Quadcopters are selling like hot cakes, one of the stable and best quadcopters for beginners and quad enthusiasts for a unbeatable price under $50

Syma whacks with the X11/X11C Series, the two versions of Mini quadcopters, namely Syma X11 Hornet and Syma X11C Air-Cam, giving a tough time for Hubsan X4 Mini Quadcopters. Lets not wait to have a profound look of Syma X11C and see who wins the throne!

Syma X11C Quadcopter Top View

Got Syma X11C (Air Cam) from GB, I found and learned more about the Syma X11C since its preorder. The order was smooth and got it shipped and delivered within 9 days through EMS. Surprisingly, Packaging was good that it could easily sustain the very bad shipping damages, the packing reminded me of my S107G order from Amazon. Once again thanks to on packaging terms.

Syma X11C Package Contents

My First Look at Syma X11C

My First look of Syma X11C is amazingly similar to Hubsan X4 Series, the red one out of the box with white prop guards and a glossy finish looks aggressive. As evident, X11 Series mini quadcopter comes with three color options, white red and Black. As this being a mini quadcopter, the size of the quad almost fits my palm. The X11C is pre equipped with the 4GB SD card and the battery inserted into the slot.

Syma X11C Quadcopter Closer Look

Build Quality

The body of Syma X11C is made of durable plastic, its not the plastic that’s used in syma X5C and hubsan X4 though, it was able to sustain all my crashes to the wall and the floors from a very high distance. The Motor covers are semi transparent, you can actually see through the tiny motors from covers. The point to mention is the props are gear driven which seems to be the reason for longer flight times and smooth hovering and stability. The four little led’s placed downside of the quadcopter, glow not as much as syma X5C but adequate enough for the night flight. Overall(Though the price of Hubsan X4 is high than syma X11/X11C), I feel Hubsan X4 has a high standard build quality than Syma X11 and X11C.

Syma X11C Quadcopter motor holders


The Syma X11C comes with Lithium –Polymer battery (Li-Po) and its voltage is 3.7V with 250mAh. This battery actually fits the compartment very well. The white connector place holder really seems to useful, helping the wires not getting scratched to the ground or interfere with blades during the flight . The charging time of the battery seems to be around 50-60 minutes, at times it even got fully charged in about 35 minutes.200mAh battery without using the camera recording gave a flight time of around 9+ minutes and I am stilling getting that!. I would recommend buying few spare batteries to fly longer, but give few breaks during your continuous flights ( so don’t heat and burn the motors).

Syma X11C Quadcopter Memory card Slot

Propellers and Protectors

The propellers design is almost similar to the one we see on Syma X5c with a tiny screw on top of each, making the replacement easy, It should not be a big problem even for beginners to replace the broken or damaged propellers. In addition, the box contains four replacement propellers, in case if you need them anytime. Though the propellers are tiny they seems to be made of most durable and flexible plastic, which sustained all my bumps and crashes.

The Protector which is factory installed to the quad, has got four little pillars which stops the blades hitting the ground, they does their job very well.Though I feel the quality of Hubsan X4 H107L protector is more robust than Syma X11C, in terms of build quality. I see this is one of the reasons why Syma X11/C has more flight time with the 250mAH, a lower weight.

Syma X11C Quadcopter with Propguards


Moving on to the controller, Syma X11/X11C transmitter is operated with 4 AA batteries equipped back and comes in white color with buttons in red all around, nothing much functionally different from the Syma X5C1 upgraded version, I found the X11C Photo and video buttons more easy to use than on the syma X5C-1.Here‘s is something interesting, I was able to bind X11 with X5c-1 and X5C-1 with syma X11C transmitter. Personally, had fun flying X11C outdoor with X5C-1 transmitter!

syma x11c transmitter and remote controller


The X11C camera is integrated to the quadcopter. With 2MP, X11C is quite good at capturing images and recording HD video. Honestly, the quality of the video is not that amazing, especially in low lights, but seems to be much better in full sun light and during stable hovering and rolling.Continuous capturing gave me 6+ minutes of video with overall flight time of almost 8 minutes. The camera includes a 4GB micro SD card at the back of the quadcopter making easy to insert and remove. I don’t expect for a quad of this size and price you would get much better fun! As Advertised, you can capture the videos and pictures with the X11C quad itself without the need of the transmitter, there is a little tiny button sideways which actually allows you to take a video and photograph.

Syma X11C Quadcopter Camera

X11C Flying Experience

This quad is undoubtedly awesome pick for beginners and experienced indoor flyers. You will love the stability of the X11/X11C more than Syma X5C, I haven’t seen a mini quad of this size flying so stable, quite and precise. I would rate 10 for its stability, hovering and pitch but on the flip side, it has a low yaw rate. Having flied Hubsan X4 H107 series, I would definitely say Syma X11 Beats Hubsan in its stability and smooth flying features. Less than 40gms, flying in wind is bit tricky in low speed mode, switching to hi speed will give more pleasant flying experience. As said, the flying time with no recording and capturing gave me almost 9+ minutes of flight time and with recording 8 minutes with the stock 250 mAH battery.

Syma X11C Quadcopter Blades and Gears
Syma X11C Quadcopter Led Lights

Spare Parts

Spare parts are easily available for Syma X11 and X11C quad from Gearbest and symatoystore for a reasonable price, if you really over heat the motors and burn them. If you are a beginner and learning to fly quadcopters, I would recommend buying few spares along with the quad.

Syma X11C Quadcopter blades



Price: $37.99 (least bought)

Gearbest has best price for this quad,Considering the brand, size, quality and features this quad is offering , I would admit that this aggressive mini quad will be a follower of Syma X5C and will become a best-seller in the market.

Concluding my experience with X11C, I would definitely recommend this quad if you are a beginner, learning to fly quads indoors or master flyer who love to zip around and have fun with tiny 2MP HD camera, X11C is an absolute value for money quadcopter and yes its definitely wins the throne over Hubsan X4 H107 series in-terms of stable flying experience.


  •     Extremely Stable
  •     Flight Time
  •     Ease of use
  •     Affordable and Inexpensive
  •     Features
  •     Value for money


  •     Motor covers do not have good rubber guard to handle rough landing
  •     Transmitter
  •     Camera under low-light conditions

Syma X11C AirCam Quadcopter
Reviewed by Ans Pri on
Feb 14 2015
Rating: 4.0


  1. I own an X11c in red. Some things I might add to this review: Unlike the Hubsan which shines it's LED's at the sky making them useless from below for night flying, the X11's LEDs are on the underside and enclosed in translucent plastic which absorb the light forming a red/blue "X" in the night sky.
    Also, the motor pods DO have a rubber tip on the bottom of them; it just isn't as big as the ones on the Hubsan X4c which I also own. The props on the X11 are MUCH larger and wider than those on the X4. The reviewer mentioned that the prop guard is a bit flimsy and it's true. But on the plus side, it's installed/removed without any screws. As on the Hubsan X4. The battery bay does seem larger on the X11 and easily accept the 380mah LiPos of the X4 for a longer flight time; approaching 11 minutes if not shooting video. Flying: the X11 is more stable than the X4. And it does easier and better flips with less altitude loss. Also the X11 transmitter can switch the default control pads for sticks (included). And the X11 is cheaper and also comes with a 4gb microSD; the Hubsan does not.

    1. Wonderful Share, thanks for your inputs and honest additions.

  2. So it's worth compared with hubsan..?

  3. I just purchased the X11C and I have had 5 flights so far and have taken 1 pic that sucked since you dont have a monitor for seeing the targeted image from the copter being in flight is the only down fall. Other than that I am having fun flying it and have barely gotten deeper into what it can truely be capable of.

  4. So after just purchasing the X11C my question which I haven't found the answer to is the functions of "*" and the "ok" buttons on the controller. Does anyone know since the manuel doesn't explain anything about it?

  5. Try to open the case and pull out the antenna, make small hole and pull out the antenna to make it expose outside the case, then screw the body back and start flying, in addition use syma x8 series controller, it binds very well and u can notice more range acquired on x11 or X11c. I had 3 of those lol

  6. In reality, all drones are not complicated, but when you are going to buy it, you should know its key features, such as flying range, fly time and so on. Syma X11C Aircam Drone Quadcopter is one of the Best quadcopter that I have seen yet.

  7. How do you charge tho its not clear in the instructions

  8. Its a problem with my x11c, it does not take a fly, everything is working properly but it does not fly. Can someone help me what to do, what is the problem at the time of flying

  9. I bought one x11c it's my first quad/drone I'm loving it lol , I will soon be trying to bind with a optic 6 transmitter with 24ghz spectrum module from giyoung see if it flys as high as my trainer 40 plane , has anyone tried a larger txt yet??