Syma X5S X5SC Quadcopter Easy to Fly With Headless mode

The Falcon Explorers 2, X5S Without camera and X5SC/X5SC-1 with 2 MP HD Camera , the 2015 series quadcopters from Syma seems to be promising and easy to fly quadcopters with the headless mode feature. At First look of X5S / X5SC Explorers 2 quadcopter series is almost similar to the most popular Syma X5C Explorers. In fact, it looks like an upgraded version of Syma X5C, with an additional headless mode function, making  beginners easy to fly, without actually bothering about the orientation of the quadcopter. Adding to this series, syma also came up with Wifi version namely, Syma X5SW, where you can connect your android or iphone to take pictures and video.

Syma X5SC X5S Explorers2 Quadcopter Black Edition

Looking closer at the specifications and features of X5S, the only change made ​​to this quadcopter is the headless mode,  the ability to fly regardless of the orientation of the spacecraft. Rest, everything seems similar to X5C, including the (mediocre) camera on board which is 2MP .The Syma X5SC is available for $66 at Banggood, Click Here to Buy . Click on the below images to have a bigger and close look of X5S

Syma_X5S_X5SC_Quadcopter White Colour Closeup

X5S/X5SC has a longer foot stands when compared to Syma X5C/X5C-1 landing gears. Available in two colors black and white, both have a glossy finish with better build quality than X5C, though black looks stunning, i prefer white to have a better visibility flying during night.

Syma_X5S_X5SC_Quadcopter White Colour Top View

Syma_X5S_X5SC_Quadcopter White Colour With Transmitter

At a glance, following are the quick specifications and features of Syma X5S/X5SC/X5SW

• X5SC quadrcopter HD Camera with 2 megapixel resolution
• 6- gyro stabilization system and ideal for beginners and advanced.
• Flight time: 8-10 minutes 
 Charging time : about 2 hours
• Range: 50 meters
• Flight functions: up, down, right roles , roles, left , forward, backward , rollover , 3D Flip

Syma_x5sc black quadcopter

Syma X5SC X5SW Quadcopter LEd Lights

Few Technical Details

• Special features : 3D Flip , photo, video 
• Remote control frequency : 2.4G
• 1x Battery: 3.7V 500mAh
• Dimensions: 31.5 * 31.5 * 10.5 cm

 What's in the Box

Syma X5SC X5SW Quadcopter  Battery and Spare Parts

Syma X5SC X5SW Quadcopter Camera Blades and Landing Gears

• Quadcopter                 
• 2.4G Remote controller 
• USB charging wire
• Instruction manual
• Screwdriver
• Blade(4 pieces)
• Camera(XSSC, X5SC-1)
• Reader
• Four riggers
• Four foot stands

Syma X5SC Quadcopter Camera Black

Syma X5S X5SW Quadcopter Transmitter and Controller

Syma X5Sc Explorers2 Quadcopter unboxing
2015 Newest Syma X5SC-1 Upgraded Version Quadcopter UFO With 2.0MP HD Camera
Syma X5SC-1 Upgraded Version, Improved and Small Packaging
Update: Syma X5SC-1 is Upgraded Version, Improved and Small Packaging

Stay tuned to for detailed specifications and features of X5S/X5SC, mean-while check my review on Syma X11C Here


  1. I'm guessing that the still image resolution is 2 megapixels. What is the video resolution of the camera???

    1. John, the video resolution is 2 megapixels at 1920*1080

  2. Hello, is there any app or way that I can see live vodeo or is there an app just for the other upgrated versions? Because I saw Syma's apps for iCopters and other drones...

    1. Hi Rick ria, there is app for Syma X5SW for both android and ios, please follow the below link

  3. I need the four foot stands...... how can i get this items??

  4. I need the four foot stands... how can I get this items?? pl

  5. Check at the bottom of the plastic moulding inside the box. I also thought at first they were missing, but it was attached with taped under this plastic molding.

  6. If I put it full speed I wont fly why?

  7. If I put it full speed It won't fly why?

  8. I just receive my syma s5sc and as soon as i got it in the air i lost it . Is there any chance i can find it location ?

  9. I just receive my syma s5sc and as soon as i got it in the air i lost it . Is there any chance i can find it location ?

  10. Just opened my Syma X5SC. Installed camera, batteries, etc. Did what the manual said to put it into pre-flight mode but the LED's on the bottom of the copter just keep rapidly flashing. Am I missing a step?