How to Use Bluetooth With Xiaomi Yi Camera

This post is all about making use of in-built Bluetooth of Xiaomi Yi Camera to capture pictures from Bluetooth Selfie-Sticks and Xiaomi Bluetooth shutter devices . If you are already using Xiaomi Yi camera, its now evident that Xiaomi Yi camera is capable of capturing images and can record videos with Bluetooth, when i say Bluetooth, its Bluetooth shutter, the remote control Bluetooth devices or the selfie-sticks or monopod's with Bluetooth function. Xiaomi Released Bluetooth Remote Controller (Switch) and a selfie stick for Xiaomi Yi Camera, with the remote, you can directly capture the video and still images without the use of Phone. Check the first look of Xiaomi Yi Bluetooth Remote Controller With Selfie Stick and Switch

What i am talking here is related to my previous post on upgrading Xiaomi Yi camera Firmware to Version 1.1.0, before you actually know how to use the Bluetooth function, i recommend reading my earlier post here and upgrading your xiaomi yi camera to the latest firmware 1.1.0 and higher 1.2.10 and Higher, this release have support for Bluetooth.

Procedure to Pair With Xaiomi Yi Bluetooth Shutter and Monopod

Follow the Below Simple Steps to Use your Xiaomi Yi Camera Bluetooth Feature
  • Upgrade Your Xiaomi Yi Camera to Firmware Version 1.1.0
  • Have your SD Card inserted into the camera (I know you would already did this, just in-case)
  • The Bluetooth shutter has, two modes, Video and Camera with the icons
  • Click on the Video/Camera Button, Red Light Flashes when the shutter is not paired
  • Turn on the Xiaomi Yi Camera, Wait for the Camera to turn on Completely, until LED stops flashing
  • Double click the wifi Button, (Click the wifi button Two times, this will now pair with the Bluetooth shutter)
  • Use The big white button to Capture the Images
  • Use the Mode Switch Button, Small Buttons With Icons, to switch between image mode and video mode

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Bluetooth Remote Control Switch Only
Bluetooth Selfie Stick (Monopod)

Procedure to Pair With Other Bluetooth Devices and Selfie Sticks

  • If you already have a , Selfie stick with Bluetooth shutter, connect the selfie stick to your phone (Make sure your phone already has the xiaomi yi Camera App Installed)
  • Turn on the Wifi on your Xiaomi Camera
  • and Just Press the Bluetooth shutter button on your selfie stick, thats all, your image is captured
  • And even i verified that, you can even capture the video through the bluetooth selfie stick
Xiaomi Yi Camera Bluetooth

 If you are looking for a well built professional selfie stick, i recommend BlitzWolf Ultimate 4 Button Bluetooth Extendable Aluminum Selfie Stick Monopod for $12.49 (Though haven't tested Yi on this monopod, it should work with the latest firmware V1.1.0)

The one that i used in the above image is the Original Xiaomi Self-timer Retractable Bluetooth V4.0 Monopod Mount Holder Click Here to Buy now for $12.99


Check the below Video on how the Bluetooth feature works with Xiaomi Yi Camera.



  1. I have selfish stick bluetooth diamini, but i can't paid it with yi camera,can you help me? Thanks

  2. I have selfish stick bluetooth xiaomi, but i can't paid it with yi camera,can you help me? Thanks