Amkov AMK5000S Sports HD Camera Review

No Big Brand Like GoPro, SjCam and the Recent Xiaomi! Amkov AMK5000s Sports Action Camera Stands out as a unique affordable fully Packed action Camera. I was truly amazed with the video and image quality of the Amkov AMK5000s Camera, lets discuss why this is a unique camera for $73.

Amkov Amk 5000s Camera Box

AMKOV AMK5000s Sports Action Camera

Amkov AMK 5000s is the latest Sports Action Camera from the Brand Amkov, AMk5000s can shoot videos at  upto 1080P to 30 FPS  and 720P at 60 fps, Whats most interesting with Amkov 5000s is the 20 Megapixels CMOS Image Sensor and a Sunplus 6630 chipset along with the 170 degree wide-angle lens.


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Build and Design

Out of the box, comes equipped with the waterproof case, the Front of the Amkov 5000s has a Digital 888+ICON monochrome LCD along with the Power/mode switch button, with two led indicators and a Lens, The Left of the camera (when facing towards you) has a Wifi button and right side with connectivity slots, a Slot for micro SD card, Micro HDMI and a USB 2.0 and capture button is position at top left along along with the integrated microphone. The Back of the camera has the Removable Battery Cover with a little Amkov Logo. Overall, the design is more matured and convenient to use, but the back battery covers seems to be delicate and of  not that great quality. Few instances, i found bit difficult, opening the back battery covers.

Amkov Amk 5000s Camera Front ViewAmkov Amk 5000s Camera Back View

Amkov Amk 5000s Camera Wifi ButtonAmkov Amk 5000s Camera HDMI SD Card Slot

Amkov Amk 5000s Camera Capture Button

Specifications and Features

Amkov Amk5000s  weighing 55.2 gm with out the battery and 80 grams with the battery available in four colors Black/Gold/Red/Silver with an 20 Megapixels CMOS Image Sensor, 1150 mAh battery,Wifi Connectivity to the Phone for both Android and IOS, Digital LCD display, 170 Degrees Wide angle lens to cover maximum area, USB 2.0, HDMI  and AV-Out for FPV(I Prefer syma X8C/X8W) transmission and seems to be a perfect camera for Quadcopters and Drone Flyers.

In addition, AMK 5000s is power packed with the most useful accessories which includes the waterproof case, switch support, brackets, 3m stickers , multifunction clips and most importantly, this camera is compatible with most of the go pro accessories, This camera can also be used as dash camera in cars, but i prefer flying it high with the Drone and Quadcopters

Image and Video Resolution

Image Resolution:  20.0 Mega Pixels (5152*3864),18.0 Mega Pixels (4896*3672),14.0 Mega Pixels (4288*3216)
Video Resolution: 1080P (1920*1080 Pixels) at 30 FPS,720P (1280*720 Pixels) at 60 FPS & 30 FPS, I recommend using a class 10 Micro SD card for smooth video capture.

Good Lens, Perfect Focus, Crisp Pictures and Amazing Sharpness

I was amazed and extremely satisfied with the image and the video quality for the price that is offered, the images are crisp and perfectly focused, the video recording at the 30 FPs was sharp, on the flip side, it has a bit more contrast when compared to GOPro or Xiaomi, but this can be adjusted through the Application white balance option.I found a very minor lag no lag, through the Wifi to Phone transmission  Android Application is simple, would have been much improvised with more features like time lapse.

Check few sample images and videos taken  from Amkov Amk 5000s Camera (Click on the below images to have a bigger view)

 Amkov AMK 5000S Sample LeavesAmkov AMK 5000S Sample White Balance

On a concluding note, the camera has all the flavors for what a sports action camera should have for $73, with most of the useful accessories along with this camera and a great sharper images and videos at 1080 P with a Wifi Support ,definitely shouldn't not ask for more!

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Amkov AMK5000S Sports Camera Review
Reviewed by Ans Pri on
June 15 2015
Rating: 4.0


  1. Hey Ans how are you? First of all thanks for your support and tips here. After searching for alternatives for Syma x8G, I have decided to follow your first advice. I purchased Syma x8w and this sports cam, because of it fpv capabilities. As a noob I would like to ask you what do I need to buy to use this camera with syma x8w and have fpv video? Can I see the live video only using my smartphone? Can I attach this camera and keep the original one only for fpv? Thanks a lot.

    1. Angelo, you need a monitor and a FPV Av-out cable, this requires some tweaking and setup

    2. Thanks for your response!!! I am a noob, so What tweaking and setup exactly I have do make? Do you have some cheap suggestion? Thanks!!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ans, sorry to ask you again. To use this camera in pfv I will need a SJ5000 FPV cable right? I will need an antenna and I monitor correct? Could you gently give some cheap options? Thank you very much my friend!!!

    1. Please see this

    2. Thanks Ans!!!!! A last one doubt... These one will work for me? and Have a nice weekend!!!

    3. yes this will work for your FPv setup