Blackview Hero 1 Sports Action Camera Review

Its time to discuss and evaluate Black-view Hero1 Sports Action DV Cameras. In my view, Sports Action Camera market is rapidly growing and trending in a big way. With the recent launch of Xiaomi Yi Camera at just $64 and the Amkov 5000s at $73 (Including Accessories), Black view came up with 2K recording Sports camera, offering plenty of features and promising Hardware specifications, lets dive-in, to get more insight on what Black view Hero1has got in it.

Something about the Brand, Blackview based out of Hongkong, was founded in 2013. predominantly a smartphone manufacturer, recently stepped into Sports Action Camera segment, with the launch of Black View Hero Series


First Glance of Black view is almost a look a like of GoPro Hero including the way its packaged, Out of box Hero 1 looks well built, sophisticated not as elegant as Xiaomi Yi or Go Pro Hero. With the camera of this size, its worth mentioning the anti slip design.Weighing 71 Grams including the battery, Black View Hero 1 Comes fully packed with 20 most useful Set of Accessories for $139

The Navigation and operation of the camera is fairly simple with well position buttons on each side. With the camera facing towards you, you have a Power On/Off button on the front panel and on the left, you have the Mod Switch buttons and the Right you find the Connectivity Ports, including the Micro HDMI, USB Charging Port and a SD Card Slot and much useful 2 inch LCD screen at the back with a Display resolution of 960 x 240 pixels, At the Top you find the Capture Button Point to mention Black View Hero 1 comes in only single Black/White color, probably more color options in future upgrades.


Technical Specifications and Features

Black View Hero 1 Specifications and Features
Brand Blackview
Model Name and No Hero 1 WIFI
Variants Hero 1 and Hero 2 Sports Camera
Chipset Name AMBA A7LS75
Colour Options White
Image Sensor SONY IMX206
Storage Max External Card Supported: SD 64G (not included)
Battery 1050mAh rechargeable lithium removable battery
Image Resolution 16 Meg Pixels
Video Resolution 2304*1296 30fps 1920*1080 60fps  1920*1080 30fps 1280*720 60fps  1280*720 30fps
Frame Rate 30fps, 60fps
HDMI Output Yes
Image and Video Format JPG and MP4
Product Size (L x W x H): 5.9 x 4.1 x 2.9 cm
Package Weight 0.650 kg

Black View Sony IMX206 Image Sensor

The Image sensor used in black view Hero 1 is the Sony IMX206, click here to learn more about the Sony IMX206 sensor which can captures images at 16 Megapixels and this is the reason Black View i consider black view hero 1 over Hero 2, it has a slighter edge over Hero 2. The Sensor does it jobs very well, you get a sharp and detailed focus of objects and it has a lens with wider  aperture of f/2.

Blackview Hero  1 can record the video in the following resolution and frame rates

Video Resolution      Frame Rates
2304*1296 30 FPS 16:9
1920*1080 60 FPS 16:9
1920*1080 30 FPS 16:9
1280*720 60 FPS 16:9
1280*720 30 FPS 16:9


Absolutely 20 Useful accessories comes fully packed along with the Black View Hero 1 for $136
Click on the below image to see the types of accessories that are part of Black View hero one including the 30 MM Waterproof case.


Black View Hero 1 is a good camera for its price range, the Image and the video look sharper crisp and focused, the 2.0 inch LCD comes definitely handy which is not an option with most of the Sports Action cameras at this price range. If you are a flying enthusiast and looking for decent camera for HD aerial Photography, Hero 1 is a definite option along side Xiaomi Yi and Amkov 5000s

Stay Tuned for Live Pictures and aerial Video samples of Black View Hero 1 with my Cx-20 auto-Pathfinder quadcopter including some insights into the Camera App in my Next Post


Black View Hero 1 Sports Camera Review
Reviewed by Ans Pri on
July 23 2015
Rating: 3.5

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