WLToys V686G Quadcopter First Best FPV for Beginners

WL Toys V686G is undoubtedly an excellent entry level FPV Quadcopter for Beginners.Since my first hands on on V686G, I am preferring to fly V686G more then the Syma X5C-1, the flight characteristics are much matured when compared to X5C-1,the yaw rate seems to be impressive, the 2.0 camera produces some excellent pictures and video footage, the FPV (First Person View) LCD is most useful to monitor how the quad is flying and capture the intended Arial footage. With that said, it got all the juices to be Highly Recommended for $76.34 available at Gearbest



Out of Box and Fist Impression

The only White color V686g comes with very good packaging (the box size is reduced with the latest release) and comes Ready to fly, all you need is 6 AA batteries to get started. First Glance, looks solid with installed propellers (Red and Black, differentiating head and tail of the Quadcopter, making it easier to fly for the beginners), equipped camera and the SD card, the battery compartment is easy to open and close and feasible to connect with the Quadcopter. The FPV LCD has an inbuilt battery and provided with Charging cable and easy to configure to the transmitter with the accessories shipped.



Flying Experience of V686G, a Joy to Fly Quad

Absolutely, V686G is a joy to fly Quadcopter, Flies very stable, easy to control with the reasonable fast Yaw Rate with a control distance of 100 meters. Featuring CF Mode (also called as Headless mode or HeadFree Mode) makes easier for beginners to fly high and far away without actually bothering much about the orientation of the quadcopter, personally the flying skills will only improve if you opt out of Headless mode and that's how i fly and learn. The Return to home seems to unreliable, reason being, this is not a GPS Oriented quad to remember the start point, but it does Return to Home, but not precisely. The Leds are much brighter in the night and have the option on the transmitter to Turn off to save the battery and the extend the flight time.With the 780 mAh battery, the flight time without the camera recording is 7-8 minutes, i recommend having two to three spare batteries, you can buy them here. The most interesting feature that i like about this quad, switching to desired rates (40%, 60%, 80% and 100%) with a just a button click!


An Efficient V686G Camera

The V686G Camera comes with 2.0 Megapixels and has the option to detach from the quadcopter, the Images captured by V686G are clear, clean and crisp with low noise and distortion with the pixel resolution of 1600*1200 and even the Video recording produced by this quad is amazing with very less or no jello effect ( this depends on how you hive the quad), check out the below test flight and samples and video footage of V686G

Transmitter and FPV Monitor

Similar to Other WL Toys, V6868G  Transmitter comes handy and holds good in hand with the option to mount the FPV LCD monitor and various control options/buttons including one press high rate (40%, 60%, 80%  and 100% modes) Led On/Off ,Headless Mode and Return to Home keys.The good point to note, the V686G transmitter uses the flySky protocol.Coming to the FPV monitor, probably this might be one of the reason why this quad is the hot seller, a  simple easy to use 4.5 inch FPV monitor with a collapsible sunshade protectors, that connects to the camera and allows to view and capture the real-time video and images and again adding a benefit for the beginners, making easy to fly quads!


Conclusion and Rating

V686G got all the flavors what a flying machine should have, under $100. I highly recommend this quad for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced flyers to have some real fun and gain a good Quadflying Experience and i don't hesitate to rate it 4 stars out of 5.

Where to Buy and the Price

WLtoys V686G is available for $76 from Gearbest, click here to buy this beautiful fully packed FPV Quadcopter

Wltoys V686G FPV Quadcopter Review
Reviewed by Ans Pri on
July 03 2015
Rating: 4.0


  1. 16000*1200 is quite the high resolution.

    1. hi Kevin, thank you for visiting the Blog, it was a typo error, the actual resolution is 1600*1200
      Once again, thank you for commenting!

  2. Can you fly the 686 gee without the camera and still be balanced?