Cheerson CX-22 Quadcopter First Impression

Cheerson launched CX-22 follower, Dual GPS Auto Positioning quadcopter into the market for the price tag of $759 (As listed on Famous Chinese RC E-commerce site, What interests and turns the heads of the quad enthusiasts, is a Follow-Me function and a better dual GPS for more accurate positioning and stability. Does it really worth buying CX-22? Lets get some insights of CX-22 quadcopter, to justify if it really got some exciting features and technical specifications for the price range.

Cx-22 Quadcopter Follow-me Ready to Fly

CX-22 Follow-Me Quadcopter First Look

At First Glance CX-22 almost resembles CX-20 in size and seems to employ the similar plastic for outer shell. The two big leds indicators at the front will draw your first attention, a benefit during night flight. Unlike CX-20 which comes in complete milky white, CX-22 poses dual color, for a better orientation, making the  quadcopter  easily distinguishable from front and back.

CX-22 Followe FPV QuadcopterCX-22 Quadcopter With LED lights

Another noticeable change, is the light weighted propeller along with the parallel landing skids. The  brush less motors looks similar to the ones that come equipped with CX-20. As Cx-22 GPS Quadcopter positions itself as a complete Ready to Fly FPV Quadcopter along with the Follow-me function, the transmitter has obvious changes over CX-20, it has got digital screen on the transmitter itself  along with the mountable HD LCD Monitor for FPV, and a GPS antenna on the transmitter for fair follow-me.

CX-22 GPSCX-22 Drone motors

CX-22 weighs about 700 grams and can carry upto 500 grams in weight with a flying time of whopping 25 minutes with the stock 11.1 volts 5400 mAh battery, I certainly feel there is a good amount of  upgrades took place for motors to handle the heavy duty. With 5.8GHZ transmitter, the flying and the controlling distance is more than 800 meters and the video transmission range falls between 800 to 1000 meters with a 2-axis brush-less gimbals.

CX-22 HD CameraCX-22 Transmitter FPV Monitor

CX-22 Quadcopter Feature Highlights:

  • Follow-me, the Quadcopter follows you as you move
  • Uncontrollable Return to Land
  • Altitude Hold
  • GPS Loiter, Positioning Hold  (Meaning,stand or wait around without apparent purpose.)
  • One Key automatic Return to Home and land
  • Auto stabilization  for smooth hovering
  • Real Time FPV Transmission on 7 inch Screen (800*480 Pixels resolution)
  • Circle Hovering
  • In-built mission planner
  • 1080P HD Camera for aerial video
  • Headless mode
  • Flight time of 25 minutes

CX-22 Quadcopter Package Contents

As CX-20, CX-22 drone comes disassembled in a big box, the package contents are boxed individually. CX-22 Quad, 1080P Camera, 2 Axis Gimbal, 7 inch FPV Monitor, Transmitter, Battery for quad and camera and their respective accessories are part of the package. Check the below CX-22 Package contents and unboxing image
Cx-22 unboxing and package contents

Price Tag and Release date :

CX-22 is currently priced at $699 at and currently in stock, Click Here to Buy this Follower Quad Now

My final thoughts and quick review of CX-22 Quadcopter

Seems to be priced high at $759, but it has got all of the flavors to cheer. If you want a Full ready to fly FPV kit including the HD camera, CX-22 Follower would be your first bet. Coincidentally , as i draft this post, i received a newsletter from DJI, that the DJI Phantom 3 standard edition is dropped to $799, seems that DJI is Following CX-22, asking to price right?.  In-deed, all the initial launches are priced high, a market strategy! lets wait and watch how quadcopter flyers will receive this quad!;

CX-22 Quadcopter PropellersCX-22 Quadcopter Realtime Video Transmission

Meanwhile checkout my complete review of CX-20 including the aerial videos, here

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