Dazzne P3, A Compact HD Drone Camera

Dazzne P3 Wifi Sports Action Camera is recently launched into the market and seems to got an interesting upgrades when compared to the P2 version.  WiFi and ability to record at 1080P 60FPS are noticeable changes when compared to Dazzne P2.  What sets apart from the bunch of Action cameras, is its super small pocket size design and its video quality.

Dazzne P3 Wifi Sports Action Camera
Getting more into the technical specifications. Dazzne P3 Camera adopts A7LS,the most leading professional sports camera video processor from the Brand Ambarella. (Ambarella, has been into the limelight since the launch of affordable Xiaomi Yi Sports camera for the $66,(learn more about Ambarella A7Ls Here)

The P3 comes equipped with Panasonic MN34120 16 Megapixels image sensor for high performance video recording, Along side the design is much more compact in size measuring  60*45*28 mm and weighing only 95 grams including the battery in the compartment including the anti-slip outer-shell material to prevent slipping.

The 2.0 inch LCD display with a screen resolution of 960 x 240, definitely a useful feature, comes handy when switching between the resolution modes and helps navigate the menu options without actually connecting the Phone to the camera, not an option in Xiaomi Yi.  Though the170 Degree wide angle lens and 2.8F Aperture are the most common features of today's sports action cameras, How better the fish eye effect is eliminated in Dazzne P3 is worth a watch!

Dazzne P3 is also featuring Professional water proofing case which comes default as part of the camera, supporting 20 meters (65feet)  diving for underwater video recording. Unlike other Sports Action cameras, Dazzne is offering a pair of  950 Mah batteries for an extended recording.

Multi-functional Interface is another important feature of this camera, that i like most, allows to equip External Mic, and can charge the battery and even transfer the data through the Standard USB. AV-out is a definite option of Dazzne P3 for Drone Flyers, indeed the compact size and the weight of the camera are the added advantages for HD aerial Filming. possibly this could turn out to be a Best HD Drone Camera, Cheerson CX-20 and Syma X8C, now the X8G are my recommendations

Following are the quick specifications of Dazzne P3 Sports Action Camera

Brand Dazzne
Model Name and No P3 Sports Action Camera
Variants P3
Chipset Ambarella A7LS
Colour Options Black
Image Sensor Panasonic 16 Mega Pixels CMOS MN34120
Storage Max External Card Supported: SD 64G (not included)
Battery 950 mAh rechargeable lithium removable battery
Image Resolution 16 Meg Pixels
Photo Resolution 3M (2048 x 1536), 5M (2592 x 1944), 8M (3200 x 2400), 12M (4000 x 3000), 16M (4608 x 3456)
Frame Rate 30fps, 60fps
Interface Output Standard 2.0 USB, Micro HDMI,AV-Out, TFT Slot, multi-functional USB
Image and Video Format JPG and MP4, Decode Format: H.264
Product Size: 60 x 45 x 28 mm
Product Weight 94gms With built-in battery

Video Resolution      Frame Rates
1920*1080 60 FPS 16:9
1920*1080 30 FPS 16:9
960P 60/48/30/24 FPS 16:9
1280*720 120/60/48/30/24 FPS 16:9
VGA 120/60/48/30/24 FPS

The WiFi range of Dannze P3 is about 10 meters and can connect to the the smart phone through the APP available for both android and iOS devices and following are the set of accessories that comes along with the Camera, click on the below images to have a full view.

Dazzne P3 Wifi Sports Action Camera PackageDazzne P3 Wifi Sports Action HD CameraDazzne P3 Wifi Sports Action Camera Accessories

A good set of accessories will be shipped along with the package and do not forget to apply the Coupon Code: DazzneP3 to get the discounted price.

Sample Video of Dazzne P3

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