JJRC H22 Mini 3D Quadcopter With Inverted Flying

JJRC H22 quadcopter is the new entry to the 3D Flying. H22 is a Mini 3D Quadcopter under $20 which is capable of  doing 3d stunts and inverted flying. Definitely a promising bird, if you would like to learn the 3D flying. Additional features like one key return to home and ability to land where it took off initially along with the headless mode will be an added advantage for the 3D aerobatics.

JJRC H22 Mini 3D Quadcopter
JJRC H22 Mini 3D Quadcopter Capable of Inverted Flying

A Quick brief about 3D, the inverted flying (flying upside down), is mostly seen with the collective pitch remote controlled helicopters. Likewise, the Inverted flight for quadcopters and drones is achieved by reversing the thrust of the propellers, for an upside-down maneuvering. Get a profound understanding here

Back to JJRC H22, H22 is available in orange color and featuring 3.7 Volts 220 mAh 15c battery with a flight time of around 6 to 8 minutes and the full charge cycle takes around 45 minutes. The flying distance is 30 meters, fair enough for indoor and outdoor flying. As weighing only 80 Grams, definitely not a wind flyer.

JJRC H22 Specifications JJRC H22 Features
Model : JJRC H22 3D Mini RC Quadcopter 2.4 Ghz, 6-Axis Gyro
Battery : 3.7V 220mAh 15C Return to Home
Charging Time : 45Mins Headless mode
Flying Time : 6-8Mins 180 Degree Rolling and 3D Flips
Color : Orange Inverted Flying

Seems to be reasonably priced at $19.99, JJRC H22 will be a good bet, to step into 3D Aerobatics with Drones

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