Cheerson CX-32 CX-32C CX-32W CX-32S With Barometer

Cheerson Announced the 32 Series quadcopters namely, CX-32 CX-32C CX-32W CX-32S with high density air pressure sensor which can precisely hold the height, adopting the dual-spring control sticks. As per the specifications, the Cx-32 series quadcopter comes in two color variants white and black and the raw weight of the CX-32 , Excluding the camera is 130 Grams, very light weighted quadcopter.

Cheerson Cx-32 Cx-32C CX-32S CX-32W
Cheerson Cx-32 Cx-32C CX-32S CX-32W Quadcopter Series

The Initial Look, made me feel that the part of the  design is derived from the CX-31 Series and the noticeable upgrades are adjustable camera (For Camera Versions) and featuring air pressure sensor for all versions and one key automatic take-off and landing and key to switch between mode 1 and mode 2. 

Interestingly, the official site might be wrong on the specifications when it comes to battery, 7.4V 360 mAh seems to be funny for the rich features and specifications. And a Relief, closer look at the product images specify that it comes with 3.7v 800 mah Lipo and the flight time is 6-7 minutes with a  Controlling distance of about 80 meters, a reasonable restriction not to fly too High!

Cheerson CX-32 comes in Four Variants, its pretty clear from the nomenclature that each variant is unique with its features like FPV, WIFI and Camera and it also comes without camera, a base variant.  The four classifications of CX-32 are described below.

Cheerson CX-32 2.4G 4CH 6-axis gyro Media Quadcopter

CX-32, This is What i was referring to. As per the specifications, there was no camera listed and this version comes with no WIFI or 5.8ghz FPV Transmission, so this is the base version without camera.

Cheerson Cx-32 Quadcopter

Cheerson CX-32C With 2 Mega Pixels Camera

 CX-32C,This is the camera version with 2 megapixels resolution with no WIFI or FPV and all other specifications including the barometer remains the same, battery is still a unreliable specification.

Cheerson CX-32C Camera Quadcopter

Cheerson CX-32W 2.4G 4CH 6-axis WIFI Real-time Transmission

CX-32W is similar to Syma X8W with WIFI real-time transmission. The camera resolution for this version seems to be 1 megapixel and can record videos upto 720p resolution and has the ability to store the recordings to the Phone without the need of the SD card and worth to mention the WIFI transmission distance is 20 meters and uses IPHONE, IPAD to control and has two control modes, manual and movable induction.

Cheerson CX-32W WIFI FPV Quadcopter

Cheerson CX-32S FPV 5.8G Real-time Transmission

Cx-32S is an FPV variant similar to WL Toys V686G which comes with 5.8GHZ real-time transmission and again a camera resolution is still a confusion, the product images says its 2 mega pixels, the specs listed as 1 Mega Pixel.

Cheerson CX-32S FPV 5.8GHZ FPV Quadcopter

Cheerson Cx32 cx32c cx32S cx32w
Cheerson CX-32 Series Quadcopters
  • Model: Cheerson CX-32
  • Variants: CX-32 CX-32C CX-32W CX-32S
  • Camera: 2.0 MP
  • Flight Duration: 6-7 Minutes
  • Battery: 3.7V 800mAh Lithium-Polymer
  • Features:Auto Take Off/Land, WIFI, FPV
  • Controlling Distance: 80 Meters

Check the below intro video of Cx-32 series Quadcopters

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