Hubsan H501S X4 FPV, Follow Me GPS Quadcopter

Hubsan strikes back with H501S X4 FPV Brush-less, GPS Enabled Quadcopter with loads of interesting features for beginners.The much awaited H501S is now ready to hit the retail market soon, expected to be available for General Public around the globe by last week of December. Banggood  listed H105s for $219.

Hubsan H501S X4 FPV GPS Quadcopter
Hubsan H501S X4 FPV GPS Quadcopter

What make H501S more interesting is its Follow-Me feature along with  a longer flight time of 20 minutes for $219, undoubtedly H501S is my best pick for this price tag. The Below picture describes all the features of H501S Quadcopter

Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Drone Quadcopter

1080P, 5.8GHZ FPV, Headless mode, One Key Automatic Return, GPS Hold, Altitude Hold, Follow-me function and 20 minutes flight time are some of  the rich features of Hubsan H501S X4 FPV. From my perspective, what made H501S the talk of the town, is its right pricing, if $219 still holds good!. In-fact  H501S is  a instant hit, as soon as it announced.

Technical specifications of H501S X4 FPV Brushless

H501S Flight and Battery Specifications
Brand Hubsan
Model/Item No H501S H501C
Name Hubsan X4 H501s brushless FPV 1080P camera  GPS RC quadcopter
Colour Options Golden-White
Max current 16A
Memory card 4G TF card. Max support: 64G card
Battery 7.4V 2300mAh Lipo. 105 grams
Charging Time 150 minutes approximately
Flight Time 19-20 minutes approximately
SD Card Slot Yes
FPV Distance 5.8G wireless video transmission distance, 300m
FPV Yes, Built-into transmitter
Flight Control Distance  300 m
H501S Camera
TypeBuilt-in HD Camera
Resolution1280*720P 30FPS HD
FOV90°wide Angle
Video Image Format.MOV, JPG | Compressed Format: H.264
H501S Dimensions
Quadcopter Size:220*220*70mm
Product Weight 410gms
Rotor size 185mm (7.3 inches )
H501S Motors
MotorsBrushless Motors KV1650 PM1806  x4
ESCBrushless 12A x4

Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Quadcopter HD Camera

Along with the build quality, the brushless motors and the integrated 4.3 FPV screen, the following are the two most important features i like about the Hubsan H501S (follow Me, Automatic Return).On the Flip side, h501s does not come with landing gears or a housing to equip any sports action cameras and as the camera is integrated to the quadcopter, a jello is expected in the videos. Interestingly, there is a anti vibration camera mount that is already out in the market, which can carry the GoPro or Xiaomi Yi Sports action cameras, much to cheer!

H501S GoPro Camera MountH501S Gimbal mount

Automatic Return to Home and Failsafe Function

The Built-in GPS enable the quadcopter to enter into the failsafe mode when the connection from the remote controller is lost. In fail-safe mode, the flight control system of H501S will automatically control the quadcopter to return back to home and land safely. In addition the return to home function can also be triggered manually with a tap of a switch on the controller, this is extremely useful when you fly faraway and if you are a beginner and not flying the quadcopter in headless mode

Follow Me Mode

H501S comes with a Follow me mode, once enabled the quadcopter will follow you/transmitter due to built-in GPS System in both the transmitter and the quadcopter. Point to note, the H501S follow me mode only work when the transmitter and the quadcopter GPS systems sync with 6 satellites or above.

Whats in the Box

Propellers 8 pcs
FPV transmitter
7.4V LiPo Battery
LiPo Balance Charger
LiPo Charger Adapter
Assistant Wrench
User Manual

Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Brushless Quadcopter Unboxing
Hubsan H501S X4 Close Up

Hubsan H501S FPV

Hubsan H501s First Look, Image Gallery

H501S Landing SkidsHubsan H501SHubsan H501S Front With CameraHubsan H501S Battery CompartmentHubsan H501S FPV TransmitterHubsan H501S LED LightsHubsan H501S Quadcopter MotorHubsan H501S Quadcopter Top ViewHubsan H501S Quadcopter CameraHubsan H501S Propellers and ChargerHubsan H501S TransmitterHubsan H501S GPS FPV Quadcopter Close UpHubsan H501S GPS FPV Quadcopter PropellersHubsan H501S GPS FPV Quadcopter Rubber Guard

H501S Black Edition

Though Hubsan H501S is initially released (in china) with the golden-white color the golden-black edition will also be an option for the buyers.

H501S Black Edition

H501s Advanced Professional Version

Hubsan Also released a Advanced Professional version of  Hubsan H501S, the transmitter has a range of 1.8 Kms and other specifications of the drone remain same-technically, below is transmitter of the Advanced/Professional version -buy the Professional Version Here

Hubsan H501S Professional Version
Hubsan H501S Professional Version

Hubsan H501S 1080P Camera Samples

Looks like Hubsan got it right and perfect camera for H501S, the integrated 1080P camera seems impressive with its resolution and quality, the image quality looks amazing. Below are the sample pictures taken from Hubsan X4 H501S, click on the below images for enlarged view

Hubsan H501S Camera Sample Day LightHubsan H501S Camera Sample NightHubsan H501S Camera Sample Beach ViewHubsan H501S Camera Sample IslandHubsan H501S Camera Sample Aerial ViewHubsan H501S Camera Sample Fog

Hubsan H501S Transmitter, With Integrated FPV

The H501S Transmitter comes with the integrated 5.8 Ghz FPV system for the real time image transmission, the stock FPV transmission distance is about 300 meters but there are good tweaks which make H501S transmit over 1200 meters.  The  FPV screen displays all the information during the flight,  the battery status, the mode in which you are flying (GPS altitude hold. Return to Home, GPS parameters), transmitter battery status are few of them.

The GPS and Return to home switches are positioned well and easily accessible.

Hubsan H501S FPV Transmitter
Hubsan H501S FPV Transmitter
Hubsan H501S FPV Real Time Image Transmission
Hubsan H501S FPV Real Time

Hubsan H501C X4 Cam Brushless, another Variant

In-addition to the H501S, hubsan introduced another variant, called the H501C (Hubsan X4 CAM Brushless), the major difference when compared the actual H501S, is the FPV Transmitter and the follow-me feature, the transmitter of H501C does not have a integrated FPV system, rather its similar to H107C+ design and the follow-me feature is skipped in the H501C version.

Hubsan H501C Transmitter

Pricing and Availability

As already mentioned above, the listing price of H501S is $219 as i draft this post, this price might go up once H501s is officially available for the international users. I would definitely consider H501S a as good bet for the features and quality that is being offered .

When it comes to the availability and release date of H501S, the first production release is already sold out in China, in my view and as per the latest update from Hubsan, international users have to wait longer due to Spring holiday in china, the fifth batch production will start selling from end of April. So hubsan H501S fans and quadcopterflyers around the globe will have to wait longer to have  hands on it.

Update March-25-2016: Hubsan H501 will be officially available from 1st of April at banggood and gearbest

Hubsan also release official firmware for H501S Quadcopter, the firmware can be downloaded from here Hubsan H501S Firmware along with the USB drivers

Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Brushless
  • Model: H501S X4 FPV
  • Frequency: 2.4GHZ, 5.8GHZ FPV, 4CH
  • Camera: HD Camera, 1080P
  • Battery: 7.4v 2300 mAh, 20 minutes flight
  • H501S Coupon code: AFFILIATE6

As i come up with the complete and detailed review of H501s, checkout the below intro video of Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Brushless Quadcopter.

Happy and Safe Flying!


  1. Hi there. Thanks for this review. I'm really looking forward to get a new drone and this seems like a good bet however I can/will only fly mode 4, do you know if this can do it or if there's a separate remote I can sync to do that? Many thanks

    1. Lolo le Beau This mode operates only in mode 1 and mode 2
      you can refer the hubsan h501s instruction manual in the below link

      Hubsan H501S X4 Manual

  2. Any one know a release date for the US?

  3. Anyone know an official release date in the US?

    1. All chinese market will be on spring holiday for chinese new year, h501s is expected to be in the retail market for international users by end of february or first week of march

  4. Where would you recommend getting spare batteries from?

    1. yes defnitely, if you want to have longer flight times

  5. Great bit of kit and now I have 6 batteries I feel a lot better playing about to see what video I can get. Got fed up very quickly with the alkerline batteries in the Tx. Hubsan have shares in Duracell because the batteries go down so quickly and I switched to 4 X 2700 AA rechargeable batteries but they are only 1.2v per cell so it showed one bar down on the Tx display straight away which I did not like so I have now changed it over to 1200mA. 7.4v LiPo with a 3A Voltage regulator and now the Tx runs for hours... I also did the same to my Hubsan Spyhawk plane which also had shares in Duracell and since I changed that it's also been great. Reason I went for the Hubsan is satisfaction with the Spyhawk and it did exactly what it said on the box and after having the 501s a couple of weeks I find its the same - does exactly what it says on the box. One other thing to mention, order the shell back pack case at the same time as the drone as it keeps your quad safe and you can store everything in it. Another benefit is you can use the shell case as a take- off base if your on long grass. Regards Brucepeter2007. Eastchurch Gap. UK

  6. Does this quad come with altitude hold ?

  7. Does this quad come with altitude hold

  8. Can you get propeller protection for this quad?

  9. Can you get propeller protection for this quad?

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  11. Hi I have this quad but unfortunately I dropped the original transmitter breaking it I gave since ordered a new one but it won't bind to the quad saying no gps on aircraft does anybody know how to fix these problems

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  13. Hello.

    Clearly what is difference stock transmitter and advance transmitter. How is range for each one. The Avdenced one is expencive 60$ then stock one.