SY X25-1 Flying Car, Quadcopter With Wheels

Having seen a Jumping sumo and Rolling Spider from Parrot, SY X25 is a Flying Car and the Quadcopter with wheels, a two in one interesting toy from the brand SongYang. Seems, SongYang definitely made its presence with the Launch of SY X25 Quadcar. In-fact Syma announced the Similar X9 flying car in February 2015, Nuremberg Fair and became available to consumers in 2015 November. With that introduction, after playing it for about 3 days, i really like the way it flies, Here is the detailed review of SongYang X25-1 the Camera version.

SongYang X25-1 First Look and Unboxing

Out of the box, This is how the X25-1, flying Car looks (The Camera Version). First impression, a sportive bold and fun toy. Pretty much looks like an upgraded version of Syma X9 with the integrated 2.0 megapixel camera at the front.

X25-1 ships in simple medium sized cardboard box. What you get to see, when you un-box is, the X25-1 Quadcopter,  a standard 2.4 Ghz transmitter, a spare kit which includes 4 spare propellers, screw driver, USB card reader, Charging cable. The 2GB SD card and the 740 mah battery comes equipped to quadcopter.

SongYang X25-1 Flying Car


Quality is no cheap for a $38 toy, it has built with good plastic and a very sustainable hard propellers, i had a hard hit to the wall, couple of times during the flight, the good thing is the propellers never even had a scratch. Another important design factor is that, the motors are fully protected, this would be an added advantage to overcome the accumulation of the dust, as X25 has the ability to drive.

The Front of the Flying Car has 2.0 Mega pixel camera integrated to the quadcopter, (the non-camera version do not have this).As a common design practice,the propellers are differentiated with white(Front) and black (Rear) colors for easy orientation along with the powerful green and red LED lights, extremely useful in night and far flights.

Now the interesting part, the wheels, made of plastic and covered with non elastic black foam. The foam would definitely wear out if you drive much on rigid and hard surface. Evidently X25 is a RWD (rear Wheel Drive), the rear motors help spin the wheels which helps drive the car, while the front wheels help in steering the direction. Unfortunately one of my front wheels was slightly bent during transportation, though the drive is not affected much, but i could see a slight drift when i actually drive on the floor.

The underside of X25-1 is a place holder for battery,SD card slot, power connector and on/off switch.The battery cover has mesh design, making it easy for the charging.In fact you don't need to remove the battery and the battery cover every time for the recharge, this is one good thing i like about the X25 design

SongYang X25-1 Flying Car LED LightsSongYang X25-1 Flying CarSongYang X25-1 Flying Car UnboxingSongYang X25-1 Flying Car BackSongYang X25-1 Flying Car B FrontSongYang X25-1 Flying Car Side ViewSongYang X25-1 Flying Car CameraSongYang X25-1 Flying Quadcopter Car WheelSongYang X25-1 Flying Quadcopter Car Top ViewSongYang X25-1 Flying Quadcopter Car Top ViewSongYang X25-1 Flying Quadcopter Car Top ViewSongYang X25-1 Flying Quadcopter Car Battery Plug


The standard 2.4 GHZ transmitter operates with 4 AA batteries and holds good in hand for maneuvering. the throttle control is on the the left and the driving can be controlled using the right stick, up and down will make the car move forward and backward and the left and right will steer the front wheels.

Including the Power Key, there are 9 buttons on the front of the Transmitter , the left four buttons will control the auto return and the camera operations and the right four buttons are used to trim during flight.In addition, The left shoulder button is used to turn off/on the LEDS, when long pressed. The short presses will swap between the low and high rates. The right shoulder button is used for 360 * flips.The transmitter also allows to re-calibrate the reset the trim, if you had a hard crashes and the flying in flying and driving the car, there is always an option to reset the X25 Quadcopter.Check the below picture for control options.

Flight and Driving Experience With SY X25-1

A Fun Two-in-one quadcopter i have ever flown before. Weighing only 200 grams, this quadcar can fly really well in the slight windy conditions, the powerful motors help achieve this.Very responsive in high rate and definitely stable when witched to low rate. Driving X25 is something i like most, most of my drive with this car is Two wheel drive, its fun to drive with a slight throttle and forward pitch, which makes the quadcopter tilt forward and cruise on two wheels.The swap of driving and flying is one beautiful thing i like about X25 its easy and hassle free to operate both in air and ground check out the below flight video.

 Auto return mode and recall function works really well as advertised, being a non GPS quadcopter, the auto return mode is not accurate enough but really works and comes handy if you are a early bird , learning to fly drones. So how does the auto return mode works?

Simple, Turn transmitter and the quadcopter off, turn the quad-copter ON and then turn on the transmitter, let the quad bind and press the auto return mode button, the quadcopter beeps intermittently, altering that you are flying in auto return mode, when you want to return it back press the recall button, this would pull the quadcar towards you. Note that this will only work in flying mode.

Sy X25 Quadcopter Car FlyingSy X25 Quadcopter Car Flying Bottom ViewSy X25 Quadcopter Car FlyingSy X25 Quadcopter Car Flying High

Flying Time and Battery

The flight time, when only in fly mode is 6 minutes and with a mix of drive and flying, the flight/drive time is 5 minutes, including the recording of video. The more you flip, the lesser the flight time. As advertised initially, its not the 650mah battery, in fact X25 ships with 3.7 volts 750 mah battery. Worth mentioning, the charging time is 120 minutes for a full cycle, which seems a way too long to wait and fly, i recommend having a additional battery if you would like to get most fun out of X25.


The 2.0 megapixel integrated camera  does it job very well, for this price tag, i believe its justified.Absolutely no image stabilization, if you just hover it, the video and the picture turn out very good, i definitely feel that the x25 camera is far better than the syma x5c, judge yourself , below are the sample captures from SongYang X25-1 Quadcar.


If you are a beginner, intermediate or a advanced Flyer, Flying X25-1 will definitely make you feel blissful. Stable flight, powerful motors and easy controlling/switching between the car and flight modes make X25 Stand out. The more you fly this quadcar, the more you love it, thanks to the unique concept, taking the drone flying to the next level. With that said, how x25-1 flies when compared to x9, stay tuned till next week. Happy Flying

SY X25, Flying Car Image Gallery

SongYang X25-1 Flying Quadcopter CarSongYang X25-1 Flying Quadcopter Car Battery CoverSongYang X25-1 Flying Quadcopter Car LedSongYang X25-1 Flying Quadcopter Car X25BSongYang X25-1 Flying Quadcopter Car LedSongYang X25-1 Flying Quadcopter Car LedSongYang X25-1 Flying Quadcopter Car LedSongYang X25-1 Flying Quadcopter Car Wheels CoverSongYang X25-1 Flying Quadcopter Car BatterySongYang X25-1 Flying Quadcopter Car Battery Compartment


SongYang SY X25 Available in two variants, with and without camera, the camera version is available for $48 and the non camera version is available $38


  1. I purchased one last year and had to return it. Ground range was less than 30 meters and in the air about 50 meters. The steering and throttle on one stick is too confusing.