Syma Introduces X54HC, X54HW X5UW Quadcopters

Syma, the brand known for its stability, announced 2016 series quadcopters. The X54HC and X54HW are one the new models for 2016. In fact Syma X54HC and X54HW has refreshing look and seems no upgrade to 2015 designs. The First look reminds me of MJX X101, but with a traditional syma trademark camera and landing gears.On a Quick note, the H stands for hover Function (aka Altitude hold)

When it comes to specifications and features, not much upgrades. Both X54HC and X54HW featuring an Altitude Hold (Barometer Set Height) along with the headless mode for easy orientation.The X54HW featuring 0.3 Megapixels camera for both photo and videos and capable of  FPV over WIFI through android or ios compatible devices,where as the X54HC is set to have a 2.0 Megapixel resolution for Photos and 1 Megapixel resolution for Video captures and comes with a standard Syma Transmitter.

The controlling distance is 30 meters and operates with a 3.7v 650 mah Battery with a flying time of around 5 to 7 minutes approximately. 2.4 GHZ, 6-axis Gyro are common accompanied features of X54HC and X54HW

The Other 2016 Line Up of Syma includes, X8HC, X8HG, X8HW which belong to the X8 Series family of 2015 and seems to have got a altitude hold upgrades and refreshing colours. X5HC and X5HW resembles almost similar to X5SC-1 and X5SW-1 with a WIFI FPV. On the flip side, X16 Fighter, X51 and X52C seems to be a new entry in 2016 which was revealed in CES this year.

Image Gallery of Syma 2016 Series Quadcopters

Syma X5HWSyma X5HCSyma X8HCSyma X54HWSyma X8HWSyma X8HG
Syma X16 FighterSyma X54HW

In my view, the above are definitely a feature upgrades to the existing products with a hover/altitude hold. Syma X20 is a smallest Bluetooth quadcopter with 1080p camera, this can be controlled through phone via Bluetooth. Syma X5UW is another addition to 2016 catalogue,  seems completely a refreshing design, with a easy to use battery compartment. Syma also confirmed that, they would launch  a 5.8 GHZ quadcopter in mid of 2016.

Evidently Syma is targeting second half of 2016 for its new launches, to be able to boost its sales for Christmas.  Keep watching this space for more updates.

Gearbest Listed the price of X5HC and X5HW as $53 and $76 respectively, Check out here

Syma X5UW Quadcopter With Altitude Hold

Syma X5UW, a new entry to the flying space, this is first  new design from SYMA in 2016, if you could recollect the CX-23S, the X5UW body looks almost similar. This will be a winner for Syma.
I really like the design of the Syma X5UW, it really good a good build quality and design, the battery is easy to replace, with the integrated design, learn more about the new Syma X5UW here

Syma X5UW Quadcopter
Syma X5UW

Syma X5UW is priced at $89, Gearbest is currently taking Pre-orders of X5UW, check the latest price here

Till then, you might be interested in m X8HC and X8HG, in my view an affordable Phantom!


  1. Any word on cost or release date?

    1. These are expected to be out in the market in mid 2016

  2. Have you heard about the Syma X5UW that just came out? Did they rename this one?

    It's on sale at Geekbuying for $89.99.

  3. Check it out here

  4. Check it out here .

  5. Check it out here