Hubsan X4 Cam Plus H107C+ Review, An Enigma

Here is a comprehensive review of Hubsan X4 Cam Plus H107C+, before getting into the details, here is the quick introduction of  Hubsan X4 H107C and its successor H107C+. Shenzhen Hubsan Technology company (aka Hubsan) which was formed in 2010, became popular with its X4 micro sized quadcopetrs.

The initial H107C with Camera, H107D with integrated FPV brought Hubsan as a company into limelight. I wouldn't hesitate to say, even today,  the H107C and H107D are hot sellers from the Brand Hubsan and in-fact H107L Upgraded version is my first Hubsan Bird!

Hubsan X4 Cam Plus H107C+ quadcopter

Introduction, H107C+ Initially Unveiled at CES 2015

I have been following the Hubsan X4 Plus series, H107C+, H107D+ and H107P when these were Initially unveiled at CES 2015, a year back. Since then, there were lot of speculations around its official availability, finally Hubsan made it, at end of 2015 for Christmas. As the Trend and Technology has advanced, especially in the drone world, Hubsan X4 CAM Plus H107C+ adopted the latest features including the Headless Mode for a orientation flying  and the altitude Hold with a barometer sensor for a accurate hovering.

Unboxing the Hubsan H107C+, Ships in Compact Box

The H107C+ ships is small compact box. What you get to see when you open the box is the Quad itself, with the 3.7 volts battery equipped. User manual , set of propellers, a USB Charging cable, Wrench and a transmitter are part of the package.

Hubsan X4 Cam Plus H107C+ Box

Design and Build of Hubsan H107C+, Robust Sporty and Durable 

The Design of H107C+ is all a change over, it's robust and has a sporty look when compared to H107C, including the transmitter. Initially at CES 2015, H107C+ quadcopter was glanced with Black and Orange combination, but its now available only in white colour with black propellers. The design is unique, every bit is molded to perfection, making it a no substandard quad. The Body has a rubbery texture and made with no hard plastic, ensuring durability and crash proof, so its hard to break, at-least during flights. Honestly, i had hit the walls good number of times, i don't even noticed a scratch to the body

Hubsan X4 Cam Plus H107C+ Close Up

The front of the quad has 720p camera, the back has a removable battery which slides in and becoming  part of the body when inserted. The next noticeable thing of the quad are its LEDS, the led's are placed prominently on each of the motor housings, when the quad is turned on, the front LED's glow blue and the rare LED's Glow Red and stay solid when bound with the transmitter. In addition, the top portion has two little led's, which glow blue when flying and indicates red when charging the battery.(see the first picture of this post)

On the right you will find a micro USB charging Port, similar to the one's seen in most of the smartphones today, another reason for this kind of design would be to allow firmware upgrades to H107C+, I sense. Beneath the USB port, you find a Power on/off switch. The way to turn on and off is to hold the power switch until all the LED's Turn On and OFF, I see a good reason for this, i will detail this more in my flying Experience Section below!

On the back you find a Micro SD Card slot and a mesh design for heat dissipation from the battery along with the 8 screws that allow to dismantle the quad.

Hubsan X4 Cam Plus H107C+ quadcopter Back View

Battery and Transmitter, a proprietary

H107C+ comes with 3.7 volts 520 mAh 1S Lipo battery, weighing 14.4 grams approximately. Though the design of the battery makes this quad look sportive and elegant from back, it equally contributes to the disadvantage of not being flexible to be able to fly with other batteries. The other downside is that , you cannot alone charge this battery, it should always be equipped to the quad to charge it, making more inconvenient. A complete full cycle charge of the 520 mah battery took around 70 minutes approximately

Hubsan X4 Cam Plus H107C+ quadcopter Battery

The Transmitter of H107C+ comes in complete black with a faux leather texture and operates with 4 AAA 1.5 volts batteries. The top has digital LCD screen which shows the battery status of the transmitter, trim levels of aileron and Throttle sticks along with headless mode, normal and expert mode indicators. Power on/Off switch and trim buttons are the default options.

Noteworthy to mention, unlike the previous hubsan micro quads, H107C+ throttle and aileron sticks are always centered with a better design and a good grip for the thumbs and it has a direct correlation with the Altitude Hold Feature. the Front of the transmitter has two buttons, specifically designed for camera functions, the left will capture the picture while the right button is used for recording videos.

Hubsan X4 Cam Plus H107C+ quadcopter transmitterHubsan X4 Cam Plus H107C+ quadcopter transmitter frontHubsan X4 Cam Plus H107C+ quadcopter transmitter back

First flight and Flying Experience With H107C+, An Enigmatic Flyer

Getting started With H107C+, Pre flight Checks

Before flying Hubsan H107C+ CAM Plus, make sure your battery is fully charged, Remember to unlock the motors and while on the ground, Give a little throttle and check if the quad spins/rotates on the ground, if so, do a accelerator re-calibration, also re-calibrate the transmitter and re adjust the trims to center, mine was heavily trimmed and drifting one side out of the box.

My first flight

With the Battery fully Charged, Press and Holding the power button makes the H107C+ power on, i really like the way it turns on, with the sequential LED lighting.Once paired with the transmitter all the LED's stays solid. You can nnlock the motors by pushing the LEFT stick to the left corner and the Right  stick to the right corner and vice-versa to lock it again.. In absolutely no/slight wind conditions, H107C+ flies well and stable, i recommend switching to expert mode during winds.

With no prop guards, in a small living room, i hit the wall couple of times, the downside is, the propellers seems to be not as strong as i expected, though they did not brake, but bent with my crashes. When compared to Syma X11C, these are definitely weak props.

Hubsan X4 Cam Plus H107C+ quadcopter flyingHubsan X4 Cam Plus H107C+ quadcopter flying1

The Yaw rates are not too encouraging for aggressive flights both in normal and expert mode (though i did not try to adjust the sensitivity) but definitely h107c plus is responsive and smooth, easy for beginners and casual flyers. The flips work in all direction as advertised.the total flight time was approximately 7 minutes with couple of flips during the flight and with no recording, seems reasonable for 520 mAh.

Headless Mode and Altitude Hold Flying

Having flown Hubsan X4 H107C+ for over a week now, the Headless mode on H107C+ works well, with just a press of throttle stick downwards, will activate the headless mode and the transmitter LCD indicates the Star icon and the Front LEDS blinks blue when flying in Headless Mode.

On the Flip side, there are few controversies over the altitude Hold for H107C+, its not the typical Altitude Hold with a click of a button, instead its maintains the hold position by adjusting the air pressure when the throttle stick is released at a certain height. Honestly, most of the times the quad did not hold its position well, but kept lowering and rising its position when flew in-doors. In contrary, i see H107C+ maintained its altitude in no wind conditions and outdoors very well, out of 10 times , it went through maintaining its hold position well for about 4-5 times, its quite understood with non-GPS enabled Quads, but other barometer enabled quads did better then H107C+.

720p Camera, How it does?

When compared to its predecessor (H107C) , i do not see any major improvements in terms of quality and resolution, its just a normal 720p Camera, it records videos at 1280*720 resolution at 30 FPS. one minute video is approximately 188 MB in size. the camera captures images at 1600*1200 pixels, with each image size less than 450 KB. Most of the initial releases of Hubsan X4 Cam Plus H107C+ has a camera bit out of Focus and video looks blurry, i did a fine tuning of the camera by adjusting the camera angle, the video now seems to be well focused.

Amazingly, the video of  H107C+ in indoors under good lighting seems much better when compared to the outdoors, due to the fact that the focus is not adjusted for the distant objects.

Conclusion, final Thoughts on Hubsan X4 H107C+

Definitely well built micro quad with great design, durability, features and flying characteristics. Keeping yaw rates and altitude hold aside, Hubsan X4 H107C+ flies well and recommended for beginners and occasional fliers. From its launch, some where in November 2015, as i draft this post, the price has reduced significantly, i wouldn't hesitate to rate this 3.5/5 if the price of this falls under $50 but for now, i limit it to 3 on a scale of 5, hopefully Hubsan cuts down the price tag, to be more value for money quad.

Picture Gallery of  Hubsan X4 CAM Plus H107C+

Hubsan X4 CAM Plus H107C+ Quadcopter
  • Model: H107C+ Hubsan X4 CAM PLUS
  • Frequency: 2.4GHZ, 5.8GHZ FPV, 4CH
  • Camera: HD Camera, 720P
  • Battery: 3.7 v 520 mAh, 7 minutes flight
  • Modes:Altitude Hold, Headless mode


  1. Hi, can you exand on "i did a fine tuning of the camera by adjusting the camera angle, the video now seems to be well focused." What exactly did you need to do? Thanks!

    1. Geoffrey, i opened the hubsan top body cover and rotated the camera lens clock wise

    2. How do I view the video? the Photos?

    3. How do I view the video? the Photos?