JJRC H25 Quadcopter Review

JJRC H25 is another big quad to play! Seems to be an interesting Quadcopter with advantageous features when compared to the best of  2015, the Syma X8 Series. 1800mAh Lipo battery with the long lasting flight time up to 12-14 minutes, headless mode, return to home and four different variants (Base to FPV) are few interesting features of JJRC H25

JJRC H25 , First Impression

JJRC H25 Quadcopter Review

Unboxing JJRC H25, The Package Contents

The H25 arrived in a big retail box, almost similar in size of Syma X8 and X8G packaging. For your reference, here are the quick dimensions (19.68 x 19.68 x 7.09)" / (50 x 50 x 18)cm (L x W x H) of the package. The supporting components like the transmitter, the Landing skids, the propellers and its spare parts are all shipped in individual sub-boxes, seems neatly packed. In my view the shipment can sustain rough handling when crossing borders. What you see out of the box, is the bare JJRC H25 with nothing installed, you got to spend some time screwing the skids, propellers and the guards. thanks to the  clearly laid instructions in the manual and on the retail box with schematic diagrams, the assembly of the quadcopter consumed at-least 45 minutes of time!

JJRC H25 Quadcopter Unboxing

JJRC H25 out of the Box

H501S GoPro Camera MountH501S Gimbal mount

  • 1 x JJRC H25 Mode RC Quadcopter (RTF)- Non Camera Version
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x 7.4V 11800mAh Lipo Battery
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 4 x Landing Gears
  • 1 x Screw Driver
  • 8 x Propellers (4 spare)
  • 4 x Prop Guards
  • H25 User Manual


The first thing that draws the attention of the JJRC H25 Quadcopter is its design and size, though it looks similar to the JJRC H9D, in design, the size is bigger and comparatively equal to Syma X8 Quads. At the top, the design is a single piece molded hard plastic and it's really hard that it can sustain all the crashes. With no JJRC Branding nor the product number anywhere on the quad, you will just find a name "Quadcopter"

JJRC H25 Quadcopter -body

At the back, the design is simple. You will find a power switch (on/Off button) and a big battery compartment, it has got good room inside the compartment for big batteries beyond what is shipped along with the quad.

Noticeably, the led's are placed on arms of the quadcopter, when compared to Syma i don't find them to be as bright as Syma X8 during my night flight. In addition, the motors have full protection design and  i had to admit the fact that Syma X8 has a durable plastic and a classy design when compared to JJRC H25

JJRC H25 Variants

JJRC H25 Series is offering four variants, The H25 is a standard version quad-copter with no camera and the H25C comes with a 2.0 MP camera, while the H25W is a WIFI FPV version, enabling the real time transmission over the phone through WIFI connectivity and the high end H25G variant comes with 5.8 GHZ Transmitter with an integrated FPV screen .In addition the all the JJRC H25 variants except the standard variant come with a adjustable camera and anti-vibration mount for jello free video recording.  As this review is based on the standard version (H25), i do not have the option to test the camera. For the benefits of the readers, i was able gather some useful information about the camera. The 2.0 MP camera can record videos at 1280x720P resolution and the captured images are at the resolution of 1600X1200 pixels, if you would like to see how the camera footage looks, i need to redirect here

JJRC H25 Quadcopter -Front View

The Below picture details what ships along with different versions of JJRC H25

H25C, Camera Version

JJRC H25C-Camera Version


JJRC H25W-WIFI FPV Camera Version


H25G, 5.8 GHZ FPV

JJRC H25G-5.8G FPV Camera Version
The design of  FPV Transmitter almost resembles Hubsan H107D

Transmitter and 1800 mAh Battery

The transmitter comes with a traditional design with black body and blue control buttons and the transmitter operates with 6 AA batteries. As seen on most of the RTF Quadcopters, JJRC H25  comes with on/off switch placed in the middle of the throttle and aileron sticks. Unlike in Syma Transmitter, the bottom porting has NO digital LCD to indicate the status.

The binding works the same way as it works for other JJRC quads, once the transmitter recognizes the the quad, you will hear a beep, now a simple  throttle up and down will bind the quad and makes it ready to fly. The top right shoulder button is for flips, the top two right buttons are for headless mode and one key return respectively.

Indeed the 1800 mah battery is something that i was more focused on , a definite 12-14 minutes flight time with the standard version, no camera and FPV, but some flips during the flight.

JJRC H25 Battery

Flying Experience

JJRC H25 flew to my expectations . the In air, its very responsive and highly stable and admitting the fact that, the quad drifted to left in mild wind conditions in low rates and was able to fight the wind when switched to high rates.

JJRC H25 Flying

JJRC H25P can operate in multiple rates, high, medium and low with a tap of a button on the transmitter, just beside the throttle stick. The headless mode and the return to home works as advertised, but i see a lag when the quad is returning back to one, the return to home is quite slow and you need to take control of the quad on windy conditions.

JJRC H25 Flying-1

Worth to mention again, yes definitely a 12-14 minutes of flight time with 1800 mah battery , a single charge will take almost 90-120 minutes for a full cycle, sufficient enough for a casual flying. The yaw rate is not as fast as the X8C but the big quads are all not designed to have great yaw.

In view of only few flights, i will not speak much about the motors. I will keep updating this post, how the motors are tolerating the 1800 mah battery


When compared to its closest competitors, SYMA X8C, JJRC H25 flies well, definitely in on-windy conditions and its an absolute better choice for beginners and experienced casual flyers with longer flight times, a big flying experience.


• Very stable 6-Axis Gyro System
•  A big sized quad, with good build quality
•  Good Flight Time
• 4 Different Variants, including FPV and WIFI
• 3 Electable Speeds
• Excellent Features , Headless mode, return To home
• Adjustable Camera, anti-vibration mount (tilt Feature, in camera versions)
• Reasonable price


• Prop guards requires some tweaking
• Brittle Landing Gears, a single crash might break the landing skids
• Not an easy assembling, requires 30-40 minutes of time to install props and landing skids

Photo Gallery of JJRC H25

JJRC H25 QuadcopterJJRC H25 Quadcopter Motor CoversJJRC H25 Quadcopter Motor Covers Back ViewJJRC H25 Quadcopter MotorsJJRC H25 Quadcopter Transmitter - Front ViewJJRC H25 Quadcopter Transmitter - Back ViewJJRC H25 Quadcopter Transmitter - BatteriesJJRC H25 Quadcopter Transmitter - Battery CompartmentJJRC H25 Quadcopter Transmitter - BatteryJJRC H25 Quadcopter Transmitter - Battery connectorJJRC H25 Quadcopter Transmitter - Battery Compartment InsideJJRC H25 Quadcopter back viewJJRC H25 Quadcopter backJJRC H25 Quadcopter connectorsJJRC H25 Quadcopter MotorJJRC H25 Quadcopter Motor ProtectionJJRC H25 Quadcopter Propeller ScrewJJRC H25 Quadcopter Motor Cover - bottom

JJRC H25 is available for Purchase and ships in 24 hours, Click Here to buy now from Tmart.

Thanks to Tmart for send this product for unbiased review

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