Syma X9S, an Upgrade to X9 Fly Car

Syma is set to release X9S (Syma X9S 2016 Version)Air Wheels Flying Quadcopter(quadcar), an upgrade to its original X9 Flying car, which was initially unveiled in 2015. Surprisingly, the X9S was not part of Syma 2016 Line up. Its evident from the picture below that, the wheels seems to got an upgrade along with the design on the outer shell of the car.

Syma 2016 X9 Fly Car

Comparison Between Syma X9S 2016 and Syma X9 Fly Car

The Picture below tells it all, there is a significant change to the wheels and its design, the earlier version has a hard foam wrapped on the plastic wheel which in-fact, not so durable to drive on hard surfaces. The new upgraded wheels,  as made of complete plastic, seems to be more durable and easy to roll on the floor,  least you don't need to worry about the foam replacements.

Syma 2016 X9 Fly Car Comparision

Wheels of Syma X9

The Plastic and a thick foam wheels of X9
The Plastic and a thick foam wheels of X9

Though the specifications of Syma X9S are unknown at this stage, i predict syma would feature altitude hold for X9S Fly Car, reason being most of the Syma 2016 (X8HG, X8HW, X8HC, X54HW, X54HC),  Line-up is featuring Altitude Hold.

Few Fly Cars to Consider, until Syma X9S is officially available

SY X25 RC Quadcopter  - With and Without Camera
Lishitoys L6055 Functional Quadcopter Car / Copter Mode 3D 
Syma X9

Having played with both SY X25 and Syma X9, i recommend X9 for indoor and casual flying and X25 if you prefer to have some fun with the camera.stability and  While banggood is selling for $48.99, Gearbest is currently offering a competitive price of $39.99 for a limited period with discount coupon .

Price: $33.99
Coupon Code : JRSM9

Happy flying!

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  1. The Syma X9 Flying Car is really amazing! I mean, who doesn't want to have a car that flies? It has a very unique design, a bit quirky but it works for me. Great review, I'd say. I also found another article reviewing this drone and I can tell you, it is really amazing!