Cheerson CX-36 CX-36B CX-36C Wifi Glider Aircraft

Cheerson Announced its 36 (CX-36 WIFI RC Glider Aircraft) Series with gravity sensor and with a WIFI control distance of 30-50 meters. CX-36 quadcopter has a unique glider design with three blade propellers and its evident that Cx-36 will not come with transmitter, rather the the quad-copter is controlled by the android application.One key take off and  landing along with the one key 360 degree flips will be an exciting features for beginners.

Cheerson CX-36 quadcopter series will be available in three Variants CX-36A CX-36B CX-36C, the A version does not have a camera while the B version comes with 0.3 megapixel camera and C Variant comes with   2 megapixel camera. The specifications of three variants are listed below.

Specifications of Cheerson CX-36

Cheerson Cx-36 Quadcopter

Cheerson CX-36B

Cheerson CX-36C

First Look of Cheerson CX-36

Cheerson CX-36 Cx-36B cx-36C Drone QuadcopterCheerson CX-36 Drone QuadcopterCheerson CX-36 Glider DroneCheerson CX-36A Glider DroneCheerson CX-36B Glider DroneCheerson CX-36C Glider DroneCheerson CX-36 Glider Drone Back ViewCheerson CX-36 Glider Quadcopter


Product: Cheerson CX-36 Mini Aerial Quadcopter
Variants: Cheerson CX-36A CX-36B CX-36C Drone Quadcopter
Frequency: WIFI
Channel: 4CH
Gyro: 6 axis
Quadcopter Size: 180*160*30mm
Quadcopter Weight: 15g
Package Size: 21*4.5*25.5CM
Color: White and Black
Blade size: 64mm
Flight time: 5 minutes
Charging time: About 60 minutes
Control distance: about 30-50M
Flight distance: about 30-50M
Battery for quadcopter: 3.7V 350mAh
Camera: 0.3MP/2MP


4 Channel Transmitter: Ascend/ Descend; Forward/ Backward; Left/Right; Left/Right rotation; Throw to Fly etc.
6-axis gyro system makes CX-10D very stable and easy to operate.
CX-36A is without camera, FPV, or functions of taking videos/pictures;
CX-36A is equipped with the function of one touch back flip which is more fun for playing;
CX-36A is equipped with a battery protection module to protect and prevent overcharging the battery.
CX-36A is equipped with multi-color LED lights making the flight more spectacular especially in the dark.
CX-36A is equipped with the phone gravity sensor and the WIFI R/C distance is 30-50m
CX-36A is equipped with the functions of one touch take-off, one touch landing, one touch for balance and one touch flip

Package Included

1 x CX-36 WIFI RC Dlider Aircraft
1 x battery
1 x USB charging cable
1 x User Manual

 Stay tuned for more updates on Cheerson CX-36 Series!

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