Top 5 Gimbals for Cheerson CX-20 Quadcopter Under $100

For the folks who flew the cheerson Cx-20 GPS enabled quadcopter with the standard anti vibration mount and looking for some gimbals for smooth and stabilized aerial video, you are probably at the right place.

Though there are wide variety of  2-Axis and 3-Axis Gimbals which are compatible and available for Cx-20 ranging from as low as $50 to $500, through this post i will walk you through some affordable gimbals which does the job as good the high end ones.

Quickly, 3-axis and 2-axis gimbals which one to choose? if you are a beginner and cautious about the budget i recommend to stick with 2-axis, as the 3-axis gimbals are heavy and expensive when compared to 2-axis and obviously with more number of motors they draw more power and drastically reduces the flight time, unless you have a dedicated power for gimbal - only

1. PTZ Brushless Gimbal Controller for GoPro 3 Camera

An decent Brushless 2-Axis gimbal perfectly suitable for Cheerson Cx-20 under $50, but it here. PTZ brushless gimbals is a value for money product, comes almost assembled and can house most of the Sports Action cameras including the latest Xiaomi Yi 4 Action Camera 2

2. Walkera G - 2D Camera Gimbal

A light weight and good quality plastic brushless gimbal for $80 from the brand Walkera , easy to setup and suitable for toygrade quadcopters  and big size drones for aerial photography. though its a perfect fit a gopro and gopro clone cameras , if you you need to modify the cam holder a bit to house other camera like Xiaomi Yi. on a quick note this is widely used Gimbal on cheerson Cx-20 quadcopter. Walkera G-2D gimbal is available Here

3. HAKRC Storm32 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal

This is my Pick, out of my personal experience, i really like the way it handles the flight movements.
and for the price tag of  $63, this is a perfect value for money 3-axis gimbal, easy to setup, no calibration issues and works flawlessly, check out my below video, its compatible with both go Pro kind of cameras as well as XiaomiYi. Buy HAKRC Storm32 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Here

4. Tarot TL2D01 Professional 2-axis Gimbal Brushless for GoPro Hero3

Tarot TL2D01 Professional 2-axis Gimbal Brushless for GoPro Hero3 is a new entry into the Gimbal World, from the renowned brand Tarot who produces high quality professional gimbals.compatible with most GroPro Cameras and it clones, priced at $69.99. there is also a Tarot TL3D02 GOPRO T4 - 3D Professional 3-axis Gimbal Brushless priced at $90

5. Gemfan Geocalla G4 - 3D 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal

Gemfan Geocalla G4 - 3D 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal is another new entry to the FPV System , priced at $82, seems to be compatible with the most sports action cameras like SJCAM, Amkov, Gopro and Xiaomi Yi, checkout the video here

With that said, my pick would be Walkera- G2D or HAKRC Storm32, discuss more about the CX-20 Gimbals using the comments section below


  1. Is the HACKRC Storm32 obstructing the access to miniUSB port on CX 20, as I saw I'm some youtube videos?

  2. And pay attention to the HAKRC Storm32 that is sold on Gearbest: they say it comes without controller. I bought it at banggood, with controller included, similar price (some cents cheaper, compared to buying gimbal and controller on gearbest)

  3. Is any of those or some other coming with standard camera screw? I'm planning to use Controur+ action camera and that would be one option to attach it to gimbal.