Cheerson CX-91 JUMPER FPV Racer Tops 80 KMPH

While Walkera F150 and F210 Racer Drones are drawing a great attention of Quadcopter flyers, its now time for Cheerson to make a buzz with its first brushless FPV Racer drone, which claims to be the fastest Rc Quadcopter. Nomenclature - Cheerson CX-91 JUMPER High Speed RC Quadcopter.

What makes CX-91 Jumper unique when compared to other FPV Racer drones is its tri blade propellers, probably this might be one factor which makes this drone the fastest - i believe. In fact cheerson claims that CX-91 jumper tops 80 kmph! a four hour journey to my home town.

Cheerson CX-91 FPV Fast Racer Quadcopter

All-in-all,CX-91 is a 250 mm brushless ready to fly, feature packed FPV racer drone with 2 Megapixels Camera which has the ability to record videos at 720 p resolution along 5.8GHZ FPV and 4.3 Inch FPV screen included, a great kit for beginners to kick start the racing hobby

Cheerson CX-91 FPV Racer, How does it fly?

The video show off  how maneuverable the CX-91 jumper is. a bit less racing , the video excels the stunts of Cx-91


A closer look at the CX-91 Jumper reveals that the top outer shell is easy to remove, it just comes equipped  with locking pins at four corners, which are usually seen in RC Cars. No Carbon fiber frame, its just a nylon hard plastic, including the landing gears and motor arms. At Front, you see a 2MP camera equipped between the two LED lights (Mostly used for night flights) and rear has the option to mount the antenna and has color LED strip.

The bottom is a place holder for a large 1600 mah lipo battery and has a strip to wrap it tight.

Cheerson CX-91 FPV Racer Quadcopter Back ViewCheerson CX-91 FPV Racer Quadcopter Battery

 Features and Technical Specifications

Brand Name: Cheerson
Model: CX-91 Jumper Fast Racing FPV Quadcopter
Variants: CX-91, CX-91A CX-91B
Drone Category: Racing Drone
Li Po Battery: 11.1 Volts 1600 mAh Lithium Battery
Remote Control Distance: 300 to 500 meters Approximately
Total Weight: 420 Grams including battery
Brushless motors: 1806 Type
Size: 240X250X80 mm
5.8 GhZ 32 Channel Transmitter
4.3 inch LCD Display with rechargeable integrated battery
Brushless ESC:18A ESC
Flight Time: 15 minutes
Charging Time: 200 minutes

Summarizing the above specifications, Cx-91 Jumper comes available in black color with four 1806 type brushes less motors weigh 420 grams approximately. The total flight time is around 15 minutes,  powered by 11.1 volts 3s 30 C Lipo battery. 


If you have flown Cx-20 , the most popular GPS Enabled quad-copter, the transmitter is no new. Cx-91 transmitter looks intact to CX-20 Transmitter, but just black in color. The package includes the right accessories to equip the 4.3 inch FPV screen to the transmitter.

Cheerson CX-91 FPV Racer Quadcopter Transmitter BlackCheerson CX-91 FPV Racer Quadcopter Transmitter

The Package Looks almost similar to that of CX-20, quite big and has individual packages , check the below images.

Cheerson CX-91 FPV Racer Quadcopter BoxCheerson CX-91 FPV Racer Quadcopter PackageCheerson CX-91 FPV Racer Quadcopter Unboxing

Pricing and Availability at Gearbest

CX-91 Jumper is available in three variants as listed at Gearbest, the standard version, called CX-91 comes with a transmitter without FPV for a price tag of $169.76 and the CX-91A variant comes with 5.8GHZ 4.3 inch FPV Screen, price at 257.13 -But it Here and the CX-91B which comes with the VR goggles is priced $382

With that said, lets watch who wins the race, Walkera F150 or CX-91 from cheerson. whats on your mind, feel free to post your thoughts using the comments section below!

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