Floureon Spare Replacement Lipo Batteries for RC Products

If you are into the RC Hobby, you might essentially in need of some Spare RC Batteries for all your RC Stuff. When it comes to flying quadcopter/Drones, every one wants to enjoy the longer flight times and the same goes with the RC Cars, RC Planes, RC boats and RC Helicopters. Having a spare batteries aside is always a good practice, if you are away from your next recharge cycle.

If i can recollect my childhood, i had a RC truck and Locomotive Gifted by my father - bought from Singapore, when he had a visit. It was my dream to have and fly a stable helicopter, after a quite a bit of hunt, and a budget in mind, i finally narrowed down between Wltoys and Syma.I opted to go with Genuine Syma S107G -Yellow Version, if you are looking to buy Genuine S107G in original retail box, Gearbest is selling it at $18.30 -shop here

As of today, after flying many quadcopters, i still love my S107G and really like the way it flies. But, with the integrated 3.7v volts 150 mah lipo-battery, the joy of flying is just about 5 minutes, i had to wait 45-50 minutes to get the battery recharged- quite long. With that said,when ever i buy a RC Product, i do buy a spare battery along with it. If you are looking for some spare batteries for drones, gimbals and RC Products, here are my recommendations.

Floureon - High quality Lipo Batteries for Rc Products

Floureon which is recently an IS certified company has got wide range of batteries for RC products, these batteries comes with different types of connector suitable for Rc Products, Traxxas Plug, XT60,xT90, TRX, Tamiya-female Plug, Deans Plug are few of them. Starting from 3.7 volts, Floureon has all kinds of lipo batteries with voltages ranging to 22.2 volts. View the widen range of floureon Rc Lipo batteries here

floureon RC Lipo Batteries
Floureon RC Lipo Batteries

Do you know most of the top Rc Brands like Syma , Hubsan, Wltoys, JJRC, Cheerson, Walkera uses fully max Lipo-Batteries? Yes, though the batteries has a Brand name of their own, the actual batteries are Fully Max

Original Hubsan H109S X4 PRO Li-Po Battery 11.1V 7000mAh 25C XT60 Plug 77.7Wh

weighing about 368 grams and 115 mm in length, 35 mm height and 45 m width, the flying time whe used in H109s quadcopter is 25 minutes and above

hubsan X4 H109S Battery

Original Hubsan H501S 7.4V 2700mAh 10C spare Battery -Buy Now

Hubsan H501S Original Battery

Walkera QR X350 Pro 5200 mAh Battery - Shop Here

Walkera Qr X350 Pro Battery
This is the original high capacity 5200mAh 3S Lithium polymer battery  for Walkera QR X350 PRO GPS Quadcopter, the flight time is about 25 minutes ,with slow discharge rate and comes with HXT 3.5 mm plug also checkout the range of walkera runner 250 batteries and spares here

Original CX-20 GPS quadcopter Spare Battery

cheerson Cx-20 Battery

Also check out the range of spare and replacement batteries for Syma Quadcopters and Helicopters


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