JJRC H23 Another Dual Mode Flying Car

Having seen SY X25 and Syma X9 dual mode Flying quadcopters, Its time for JJRC to revive the concept of  quadcars, with the launch of new JJRC H23. Before we actually learn more about the new JJRC H23 Quadcopter , its features and specifications,  i recommend to check out my detailed review of SY X25 and Syma X9 Here.

JJRC H23 First Impressions

JJRC H23 quadcopter has a completely refreshing look when compared to the Syma X9 and SY X25. The body seems to got a different design, looks sharp and sportive. H23 will be available in blue and black colour combination - The JJRC trademark colors. 

JJRC H23 quadcopter
JJRC H23 Quadcopter

As per the specs, Product just weighs 114 grams, too light - but in my view the powerful motors (as experienced with the SY X25) would allow to fly in the windy conditions. The foam kind of wheels would ware out when driven on the rough surfaces, probably JJRC would have considered to enhance the wheels (X9S did it), keeping in mind that these conceptual two in one flyers would be most liked by the kids.

The below pictures tell you the story of dual mode flying quadcars, from left to right, its syma X9, SY x25 and now the latest JJRC H23

JJRC H23 quadcopter flying CarSyma X9 quadcopterSongYang X25-1 Flying Car

Radio controller

H23 comes with the standard JJRC 2.4 GHZ transmitter, as seen in most of the Syma transmitters there no digital LCD which indicates the battery status, trim levels. So its only through the beeps that you have to understand and assume the transmitter functions .for your quick reference, the below picture describes the options of the transmitter (video/camera, point to note.

JJRC H23 quadcopter transmitter

Flight Time and Battery

As per the initial specifications JJRC H23 Comes with 3.7 volts 750mah Lithium Polymer battery and the flight time is 6- 7 minutes approximately. The full recharge cycle takes about 60 minutes, i recommend having a spare battery if you would like to have more fun flying experience with H23.

Will there be a Camera Variant?

If you have a closer look at the underside of the H23 Quadcopter, there is a SD card slot  provisioned and the font design also reveals that there is an option for camera. In-addition, the transmitter buttons also describe a video/camera feature, which means there will be camera variant available? time will reveal this.

Worth to mention, the Sy X25 has both Camera and non camera versions while the Syma x9 Series does not come with any kind of camera.

H23 Features and specifications

  • Built-in imported 6-Axis gyroscope
  • Oney Key automatic return to home, most useful if you lose sight of the drone when flying far away.
  • CF Mode, which is also called headless mode, the most handy feature for beginners not to bother about the orientation.
  • Dual mode, has the ability to drive like a RC Car and fly in the air
  • 4 Bright Leds for night flights and 360 roll overs

Technical Specifications of JJRC H23 Quadcopter
Brand JJRC
Model Name/No JJRC H23 Quadcopter
Frequency 2.4 GHz 4 channels
Color Options Black-Blue
Flying Time 6 to 7 Minutes
Charging Time 60 minutes
Battery 3.7V 750 mAh rechargeable LIPO battery
Modes Dual Mode Fly and Drive
Flying Distance200 Meters
Weight0.114 kg


As this being a non camera version, the price as listed on Gearbest is $33.62 and expected to be available soon in weeks time