MJX X102H With Inverted Propeller Design

MJX X102H is launched. MJX,MEIJIAXIN TOYS CO LIMITED, another chinese drone manufacturer who entered the drone space couple of years back, probably in 2014, released an upgraded version of MJX X101, called MJX X102H. MJX X101 is a big drone with  advanced flight modes and it was called the Syma X8C Killer. 

Personally, i flew X101, its a big sportive nice quadcopter which can carry a gopro kind of camera. If you are looking for some alternatives to Syma X8 Series, MJX X101 and X102H are worth considering. in-fact the advance modes will enhance your flying skills.

MJX X102H Rc Quadcopter
MJX X102H RC Quadcopter

How MJX H102H is different

With that short introduction, lets look at what MJX X102H is offering, If you have a closer glance at MJX X102H, it looks like a inverted quadcopter - the propellers facing downwards, this is one significant change when compared to X101 along with the enhanced glossy body in red. The Plastic seems to be solid - a better build quality. The Landing skids are short where compared to the long X101's - resemble JJRC X1's

The Default package does not include any kind of camera,but there is provision to mount MJX range of cameras for WIFI FPV, MJX C4015/C4016/C4018 are compatible camera components hat can be equipped. MJX X102H quadcopter also comes with an anti vibration and camera mount to equip either the gopro or xiaomi Yi cameras.

Altitude hold for level hovering, One key take off, landing and unlock are few enhanced features of MJX X102H over X101.
MJX X102H Quadcopter Specifications and Features
Brand MJX
Model MJX X102H Quadcopter
Size 50.00 x 50.00 x 8.00 cm
Camera Optional WIFI FPV
Battery 7.4V 2S 1200 mAh Lipo JST
Motor Type Brushed Coreless
Control Distance 100 - 150 Meters
Flight Time 8 -12 minutes approximately
Charging Time 120 minutes
Transmitter 2.4Ghz Remote controller with digital LCD Screen
Gyro Built-in 6-Axis Gyro
Features Barometer Altitude Hold, One Key Take off /Landing,
Return to Home, Flips, Headless Mode, one key Unlock
Price $113.99 Buy it Here


The transmitter comes in plain white with black control sticks and operated by 4 X 1.5 AA batteries.  One key automatic take off /landing and unlocking button on the left shoulder of the transmitter is differentiated with a red colour, while all the trim and function buttons are silver. the below diagram illustrates the functions of the 2.4 Ghz remote controller.

MJX X102H Remote Controller

First Look of MJX X102H

Few first shots of MJX X102H quadcopter, featuring the anti-vibration and camera mount - propellers pointing down.

MJX X102H Camera MountMJX X102H Front view With Camera mount
MJX X102H quadcopter Top view
MJX X102H Rc quadcopter With altitude Hold
MJX Quadcopters are value for money, if you are looking for some bix sized drones under $100 to 120, MJX x102H is definitely recommended. The Current listed price on Gearbest is $113.99
buy it Here

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