ZEROTECH Dobby Selfie Drone With 4K Camera First Look

The most talked Dobby, a pocket sized selfie drone from the Zerotech is all set to hit the retail market soon, probably from July 15 . As per the sources, the Zerotech dobby will be initially available for sale only in china. With the chinese eCommerce sites like Gearbest, Banggood taking pre-order of Zerotech Dobby Drone, its not tough to buy, if you live outside china.

Zerotech, the company came to lime light when it actually announced the Dobby selfie drone , here are few things you should know about the Zerotech itself. ZeroTech was established in 2007 and comes with 9 years of professional experience developing drones. alongside Yuneec, Ehang and DJI are other most renowned companies from china in the drone space.

ZeroTech Dobby Selfie Drone
Zerotech Dobby Compact pocket Selfie Drone

Its worth to mention ZEROTECH has a good amount of expertise in key areas of drone technology. GEMINI is their first dual redundancy flight control system , gimbals, cameras, image transmission, obstacle avoidance and computer vision are other areas of expertise. zero-Tech  drones are mostly used for surveillance military, search, rescue operations in China.Guardian-Z10 is the drone for agriculture.

ZeroTech Dobby Drone, a Compact smart flying machine in your pocket

With that much introduction of zeroTech, here is detailed overview of Dobby Selfie Drone, the below picture tell it all, Dobby is a compact fold-able selfie drone, almost the size of the iphone and weighs just under 200 grams including the battery. 199 grams to be precise, as per the official specifications.
ZeroTech Dobby Drone folding animation
An animated picture representing Dobby's fold able arms and propellers
The arms, the propellers are all fold-able, making it look more like a phone. Unlike other remote controlled drones, Dobby, the first mini intelligent smart drone  is controlled  using a smart phone via app designed for both android and iphone systems. Flying Dobby requires only 5 minutes, say ZEROTECH, the inbuilt tutorials and along with the swipes and the motion controllers makes it easy for the beginners.

ZeroTech Dobby Drone almost the size of iphone
Dobby Drone, almost the size of iphone

Dobby is designed for both indoor and outdoor flying and as per the manufacturer, the drone can withstand the wind upto 28 km/h

Feature Highlights of Dobby Selfie Drones

Digital 3-axis stabilizer, as there is no room for gimbals Dobby uses Digital 3-Axis stabilizer for smooth and steady shots, eliminating Jello effect in the recorded videos

Gesture based-interaction is another feature of Dobby drone, the flight path can be controlled by waving an arm, the Dobby just follow you. follow Snap 2.0 is another feature of Dobby to capture moving people and object, a Follow-me function

Face Track algorithm integrated to the snapdragon processor can scan and remember the face and locks into the target , so you always remain in the camera frame while the drone flies. 

Point to note, Dobby drone does not come with any sort of Landing skids, but  has the ability to take off and land on palm of the hand with tap of buttons on the smart phone. in-addition Patting (some thing new) , voice commands and throw and fly can trigger a take off operations of Dobby , this is something that excites the beginners.

Qualcommn 801 Snapdragon

DOBBY comes equipped with professional flight control system, advanced electronic image stabilization and computer vision and real time image transmission system and integrates them into the Qualcomm Snapdragon. the Rich features include, 

  • Quad core 2.3GHz Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB EMMC
  • 8000Hz Sample Frequency
  • Adreno330 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
  • Hexagon Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
ZeroTech Dobby Drone snapdragon qualcomm
Dobby equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 801 processor

4K Camera

Dobby is equipped with 4K camera - Sony IMX214 CMOS image sensor with Effective 13.13 pixels resolution with FOV75°; 28mm (35mm Format equivalent)and f/2.2-Infinity focus

The lens of the camera can be manually adjusted between -90 ° ~ + 22.5 °, providing more flexibility to capture the selfies when in action.Below picture illustrates the angle of lens, i would be more excited, if there is an option to control the angle of the camera via app? may be in the upgraded version of dobby? lets wait and watch

ZeroTech Dobby Drone Camera Angle

Photo shooting modes available for Dobby 4K  Single shot, Timer,  Burst mode:2~15Photos are few highlights along with the time lapse recording at 3s/5s/10s/20s intervals

Flight Characteristics

As evident by now, Dobby is a selfie drone and does not come with any kind of remote controller/transmitter and purely operated with the APP - the control distance is 100 meters in open area with no obstacles, when the drone goes beyond the operating frequency, it auto returns itself!
along side, the flight time is 9 minutes with the 7.6 volts 960 mah 2s lipo battery. 15 minutes of flight would be an ideal time for a drone which weighs less than 200g - my view.

Dobby Can flip!

ZeroTech Dobby Drone Flipping

Technical Specifications of Dobby Selfie

  • Product: zerotech Dobby Drone
  • Dimensions: Extended:135mm×145mm×36.8mm Folded up:135mm×67mm×36.8mm
  • Weight: 199g
  • Battery: 7.6V 960 mAh 2s Intelligent Li-po Battery
  • Flight time : 9 Minutes
  • Top vertical speed: 36km/h
  • Gimbal: 3-Axis, 1-Axis
  • Camera: 13MP 4K camera
  • FPV transmission distance: 100M
  • Camera Frame rate: 30fps
  • Motors: Brushless
  • Control range: 100 meters
  • Positioning System Outdoors:GPS/GLONASS Dual band

Image Gallery


Video of Dobby Drone

Purchase Options and availability

As per the Chinese RC Sellers, dobby will be initially sold in china at price tag of $285 and expected to be available from July 15, if you live outside of china, you can still by dobby drone from Gearbest for $369 - ships worldwide.
Bottom Line: As xiaomi is all set to release its first drone, do you think that Zero Tech dobby will be well received globally? share your thoughts using the comments section below. My pick would be Zero Dobby, a fun to fly both indoors and outdoors! Lets dobby!


    1. I'd love one but the price in Australia will be a lot higher due to greed by the sellers. We in Australia pay a lot more than anywhere else in the world so it will probably be between AU$550 and AU$600. It really is a joke and nobody seems to care enough to do anything about it.

    2. How's it for $369 at Geekbuying?

    3. I got my DoBBY and it doesnt actually fly :( Disapointed