Aomway Wide Range of FPV Accessories - 7 Inch Monitor

A Step ahead in flying drones is FPV, if you are looking for some good antennas for your customized DIY quadcopters and racer drones, Aomway is the brand to consider, They got wide range of FPV accessories ranging from 10 inch diversity monitors to high gain antennas.Worth to say, Aomway  5.8Ghz transmitters and receivers are the affordable/best sellers in the market right now.

Before i actually provide some insights of the Aomway products, here is a quick introduction about the company itself, Aomway (Shenzhen Aomway Technology Co.Ltd) was founded in the year of 2011, focusing mainly on design, production and sales of wireless analog transmission systems and HD digital links,  mostly found in today FPV systems.

AOMWAY  Monitors

  1. AOMWAY 7 inch LCD 5.8G 32CH Dual Receiver FPV Monitor with Sunshade / Antenna Set Accessory for Multicopter FPV

This is the 7 inch monitor from Aomway. Its named as  HD518: 7 5.8Ghz 40CH HD Diversity FPV Monitor (RaceBand). Best suited for GPS Enabled quadcopters/Racer drones for First Person View.
  1.  Aomway HD588: 10.1"5.8Ghz 40CH HD Diversity FPV Monitor (RaceBand)


10 Inch TFT LCD with native Resolution: 1920 x1200p and offers HDMI support at 1080p or 720p input

Receivers - Aomway RX004/RX005 5.8G 32CH Video Receiver / Antenna Set for FPV

This is 5.8Ghz 40CH receiver with RaceBand integrated with DVR function.Band and channel selection is controlled by two push buttons (auto scan available channel) while two digits display indicating band and channel status. Dual AV/Audio output is supported, one is processed by DVR for playback, another is DVR bypassed for low latency video. No more search, it definitely a perfectly featured choice for FPV system - Buy It Here

Aomway Transmitters 

There are wide range of transmitters from 200mw to 1000mw. Designed for long range FPV transmission, this 5.8GHz 1000mW transmitter comes equipped with a mini fan for cooling. Up to 15 channel frequencies and optional 5 or 12 volt power output make it an all-round player. Check The wide Range of Transmitters Here.

Aomway High Gain Antennas

 As low as 3DBi to the high gain 14 DBi, best suited for DIY Multirotor Projects. following are few antenna models
  • ANT008: 5.8GHz 14dbi Circular Polarized Patch Antenna V2 (RHCP)
  • ANT009: 5.8Ghz Dual Diamond Directional Antenna
  • ANT007A: 5.8GHz 6dBi Patch Antenna (RHCP)
  • ANT003: 5.8GHz Helical Antenna (RHCP)
  • ANT005: 5.8GHz 14dbi Circular Polarized Patch Antenna V1 (RHCP)
  • ANT006: 5.8GHz 4-Leaf Clover Antenna (RHCP)
All these spare for your Projects are available for Sale Here, Check the latest price and availability

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