Tovsto Aegean V2 GPS Quadcopter For HD Aerial Photography

With the evolving technology, the Toy grade and Professional quadcopters are becoming a must to have gadget for an aerial view. With the right combination of accessories like gimbals and sports action cameras, high definition aerial photography is no more a cost affair.

Though flying drones and helicopters requires a bit a flight under standing and experience, today's  technology is making it simple for entry level enthusiasts. 

In addition, as GPS (Global Positioning System) is becoming a mandatory feature for today drones, Here is Yet another GPS Enabled semi professional quadcopter for HD Aerial Photography under $200. Tovsto, a shenzen based drone manufacturer company comes up with Aegean V2 Quadcopter

Tovsto Aegean V2 GPS Quadcopter FlyingAegean V2 Drone is an easy to fly, GPS enabled Quadcopter best suited for both beginners and experienced flyers. This new bird has got all the flavors for a perfect aerial photography. Aegean has a great detail in its Design, the landing skids are tall, making a good room for equipping action cameras and Gimbals. looks solid Lets look at the features and technical specifications of TOVSTO Aegean V2 in detail. - Buy Here

Tovsto Aegean V2 GPS Quadcopter With Camera

Aegean V2 Quadcopter Flight Modes

The Aegean Drone Features 3 Flight modes

1) Manual Mode/Start Mode
2) GPS Position Hold Mode
3) Smart Orientation Mode (also Called Headless Mode/Headfree Mode)


Aegean is powered by 2200 mAH 3s Lipo battery, Manufacturer promises upto 15 minutes of flight time, though the flight time might vary depending upon the way the drone is equipped.

Low Voltage Alarm

Low Voltage Alert is triggered when the battery has less than 2 minutes of Flight of the best practices of flying is to land the quadcopter until the battery is completely drained

Fail Safe Mode

Aegean is also featuring a fail safe mode, which means the quadcopter will return to the take-off position, in the event of signal loss from the transmitter. this features comes really handy if you are a beginner and if the quadcopter is flown beyond the control range of the transmitter. (Heavy Wind and when you lose the orientation of the flight are few scenarios). Fail safe is also applicable when the return to home is triggered.

Return To Home

An easy way to Return to Home, The Return to Home Function is triggered by pressing the RTH button on the transmitter indicated by the image icon.The Drone will elevate 15 meters from its current position and begins to return to its landing position and important point to note that the RTH will trigger only when the drone is initialized in GPS Lock.

Intelligent Remote Controller: its Unique, simple and Stylish

I really like the design of the transmitter. Its simple, no mess of buttons- easy to understand. you don't need to go through different steps and review product manual on how to arm the motors, Transmitter itself clearly indicates how to arm the motors, the easy way.

The Left Shoulder of the transmitter is featuring a Gimbal Dial, this is a cool little feature to control the gimbal tilt function.(seen mostly in Walkera Devo High end FPV Transmitters). Point to note- as per the drone specifications, the Gimbal dial will only function when the gimbal is attached and connected to the drone.

TOVSTO Aegean V2 Quadcopter Intelligent Radio ControllerTOVSTO Aegean V2 Transmitter FPV

Specifications of Tovsto Aegean V2 Quadcopter

Model No Aegean V2 GPS Quadcopter
Motors 2212 920 KV Brushless Motors
Propeller 9450 Self Tightening
Colour Black
Flight Time 15-17 Minutes Approximately
Flight Weight 1100 gms
Battery 11.1V 2200 mAh 3S removable lipo battery
Remote Control 2.4 Ghz, Intelligent Radio controller
Control Distance 800-1000 meters
Frame Controller X3-A
Positioning GPS GLOSSAN
Price $220 - Buy It Here

Package Contents

  • Aegean V2 Drone
  • Aegean 2200 mAh battery
  • Transmitter
  • 4 Rotor Blades
  • Gopro/Tovsto Compatible Camera Mount
  • Camera Cradle For GoPro Hero3 and Hero4
  • Ac/Dc Battery Charger
  • 1 Power Cable, Rotor Blade, Removal Tool

First Look of Aegean V2 Drone

TOVSTO Aegean V2 Black Quadcopter TopYoung engineers from TOVSTO Flying Aegean V2 Black Quadcopter

TOVSTO Aegean Quadcopter Getting Ready To FlyTOVSTO Aegean Quadcopter Manufacturing

Bottom Line, if you are looking for a GPS enabled budget friendly quadcopter with a bit of flying experience, Aegean is worth giving a try, shop here for $200 keep watching this space the detailed review.