Walkera QR X350 Pro GPS Quadcopter Available For $160

Walkera QR X350 Pro, a GPS enabled Quadcopter which is capable of connecting to mission planner for way point navigation is now available for sale for $160. Yes, for $160, you get a GPS enabled Drone from the renowned brand Walkera.

Worth mentioning, This is the BNF (Bind and Fly ) variant, which means if you already own any of the Deviation transmitters, Like Devo 7, Devo 10 or Devo F7 from walkera along with the 11.1 volts high capacity Lipo battery, you are all set to fly this bird in the air.

Walkera Qr X350 Pro Quadcopter Review

After Flying my First GPS Enabled cheerson CX-20 for good number of times, i would like to admit that, Walkera QR X350 Pro is the next best thing in entry level GPS drones.

In addition, the QR X350 pro is sold in different versions, The Ready to Fly (RTF) along with the iLook camera is available for $441. The beauty of this package is everything is there and done for you. it includes a Devo F7 FPV Transmitter, Ilook Camera, G-2D Gimbal and a mushroom antenna

Walkera QR X350 Pro Purchase Options


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