Boscam GS909 3D Video FPV Goggles with dual Transmitting Lens

Boscom a reputed brand for FPV stuff, launched its 3D FPV glasses with dual transmitting lenses. The beauty is it can be switched from 3D to 2D.Though bit on a higher price, its best suited for professional racing drones and quadcopters

Boscam GS909 3D Video FPV Goggles 5.8G 32CH Glasses with Double Transmitting Lens

The Boscam GS909 3D Goggles Vision Brings Real Visual Feats. Double Transmitting Lens, 2D/3D Free Switching.The two lens 3D camera that uses the parallel shooting method will strengthen 3D vision for close-range shooting and weaken long-distance shooting.

Boscam 3D Goggles can also work in normal diversity mode which is in 2D vision, and they are well compatible with Boscam and most of other transmitters in the markets. GS909 diversity system uses two different video receivers, and two different video antennas. This gives you a better chance of receiving a clean and unobstructed signal.

Lens are connected by a diversity unit that chooses the best video signal. You could mount one of the stock antennas vertically and one horizontally. For best results you want to use different types of antennas. This gives you the option of using a long range directional antenna for one receiver and a non-directional antenna for the other. The diversity system automatically chooses which antenna is receiving the best signal at any moment.

Technical Specifications and Features

Specifications of Syma X5UW
Brand Boscam
Model GS909 BS909 FPV 3D glasses
Resolution 960 x 240 pixels
Battery Built-in 1250mAh Li-Po
Image Transmission 5.8Ghz 32 CH
working Time 120 Minutes approximately
Screen size 2 inch FTP LCD Screen
Contrast Adjustable
Brightness Adjustable
Antenna External SMA Plug
Weight 55.4 grams
Dimensions 31.00 x 23.00 x 11.00 cm
3D FPV, 2D/3D Free Switching.
Dual 5.8Ghz 4 band 32CH Head wearable receiver, Dual 2 inch TFT LCD display
Price $264.55 Buy it Here

This is what you get in the box

Boscam GS909 3D FPV unboxing
Get ready for 3D FPV!

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