JJRC X1G With FPV Upgraded 2016 Variant of X1

The same time around in December 2015, JJRC introduced sporty compact brushless drone called X1, here is the new and upgraded variant of X1 called X1G. Whats unique about X1G is the added FPV with 600TVL camera.watch the below intro video to get some insights on how fast it can fly in the air!

From the design perspective ,X1G looks similar to the X1, no major changes, the first look might give you an attention that the body is made of carbon fiber for better durability, in reality its not, the outer shell is painted like carbon fiber texture.

JJRC X1G Quadcopter

Feature Highlights of X1G

- Five-level idle speed
This is a quadcopter whose acceleration can vary from 80 to 100 percent when idling. Therefore, it is always ready to take off and fly at a high speed. Set up the idle speed you want!
- Clever triple rate switch
The triple rate switch facilitates your control of the copter because it decides how much a servo deflects. Choose the default mode when you want to slow down or relax; the comfortable flight mode when you want a medium directional response; the fast flight mode when you crave for the thrill.
- Impressive HD FPV
The fast transmission frequency, 5.8GHz, makes the real-time image a matter of course on the FPV monitor. Combined with the 2.0MP camera, it presents you amazingly vivid details. Appreciate the aesthetic first person view!
- Less novice-friendly functions, great freedom
The elimination of those special functions, such as One Key Return, Headless Mode, Altitude Hold Mode etc., makes the way for a great progress in piloting the drone. Senior players aim high and advance further without dependence.
- Large battery capacity, long flight time
It allows you to play to your heart's content by offering you a 15-minute flight each time, thanks to its great battery capacity of 1300mAh.
- Automatic power off and intelligent protection
After landing and starting idling, it powers off by itself in 6 seconds without moving the joysticks. Apart from that, various protective functions, including low voltage alert, blade protection and fall protection, contribute to the safety of the drone and its user.

Technical Specifications and Features

Specifications of JJRC JJPRO X1G
Brand JJRC
Resolution 960 x 240 pixels
Battery 7.4 volts 1300 mah
Camera 600 TVL HD Camera
Motors D1806-2280KV brushless motors
Flight Time 15 minutes
Control distance 300 - 500 meters
Charging time 90 minutes
Transmitter 2.4 Ghz frequency and 5.8 Ghz FPV Transmission
Weight 270 grams
Dimensions 21.00 x 21.00 x 11.00 cm
5.8Ghz One Key Return, Headless Mode, Altitude Hold Mode
Price $169.68 Buy it Here coupon: RC18OFF

JJRC X1G - Image Gallery

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