Kaideng K80 Obstacle Avoidance drone for Less than $65

Kaideng as a brand became most popular with its K70C quadcopter. i still remember quadcopter 101 demonstrating K70 aerial video, which has almost very slight to zero jello effect, it now time to discuss about the new upgrade to K70, Kaideng Pantonma K80 Rc Quadcopter. The Pantonma combines unique style and robustness in light weight and compact drone, modular design for increased ease of maintenance, buy it here

Kaideng K80 Obstacle Avoid Drone

Do you believe that, for less than  $65, you get a drone with obstacle avoidance? in fact, its true! an anti collision feature -Obstacle avoidance is mostly seen in high end drones like Yuneec typhoon and DJI phantom 4, Kaideng K80 is also featuring a similar obstacle avoidance.

How does it Work?

K80 comes with omni directional obstacle avoidance sensor, if the drone detects any obstacles within 50-80 centimeters, the drone will stop approaching and will fly back, as per the manufacturer, the below picture tells the story! in my view it might not be accurant enough to avoid collisions, but should a handy feature at-least, 

Kaideng K80 Pantonma Drone

Main Features

  • Convenient plug-in modular design

The aircraft body has three interfaces for plug-in modules, including the rear interface for the battery module, the front for the camera module extension, and the last one for the obstacle avoidance module extension. The modular design greatly contributes to the ease of maintenance.

  • Various customization choices

The obstacle avoidance module, WiFi camera module, ordinary camera module, 5.8G FPV camera module, and FPV monitor are readily available for you to arm your copter. You are also allowed to put on VR glasses to get immersed in the world of virtual reality.

  • Super easy control

The air press altitude hold mode enables your drone to stay at the same height, without falling down all of a sudden. The headless mode makes the drone fly as you wish. In addition, one key to return / take off / land / 360-degree roll simplifies the operation.

  • Adjustable speed

You can speed up at any time according to your need because the drone has three speed modes, including low, medium, and high speed mode.

K80 is featuring  today's standard features, one key automatic return, one key take off and landing making easy for beginners. the drone is powered by 3.7 volts 650 mah lipo battery which gives 6-7 minutes of flight time, the control distance is 100 meters.With amazing build quality, Kaideng Pantonma K80 is Available in two colors for less than $65, get it here

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