Walkera Devo 7 Transmitter on Sale for $50

The most famous devention Devo 7 Transmitter is now selling for $50 for limited period sale at Gearbest, the promotion ends in 4 days. this is best deal i have come across in the recent time on the walker transmitter. For your quick information, this is more of entry level professional transmitter which is compatible with most of the Walker Quadcopters and Drones.

Walkera Devo 7 on Sale

If you own any of the Walkera Drones like QR X350, the newly launched F210 and F150 along with the Runner 250 racer drones, Devo 7 is fully compatible with the list above. Below are the quick specifications and features.


Encoder: ARM micro computer system
Frequency: 2.4Ghz ( DSSS )
Output power: -5dBm - 20dBm
Battery: 1.2V x 8 NiCard or 1.5V x 8 AA dry batteries
Current drain: ≤170mA
Battery: 1.2V x 8 NiCard or 1.5V x 8 AA dry batteries

Main Features:

Quad-bearing design: Improved quad-bearing design of the radio sticks makes the control silky and smoothly
Adopted core technology of DEVO 12, versatile function, high cost performance
2 model type: Helicopter and airplane. Improved programming with more mixes and better interface program MIX, MIX to throttle.
7-point throttle curve makes the control easy.
Fifteen-model memory
Online firmware update function: Enjoying update the latest program and copy model data freely and easily
There are two three-position switches

Flash Sale Price: Buy Now $50.39

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