Hubsan H501A X4 Air Pro comes with Mobile Relay

Hubsan, one of the best Chinese manufactures of drones, is now bringing the features that are mostly seen in professional and high end drones like DJI, YuneeC and 3DR to its mid range catalogue. In my previous post i introduced the entry of H507A with Waypoint navigation's, here is yet another interesting drone, H501A X4 Star Pro, with GPS way point navigation's and Point of Interest (Orbiting mode).

Hubsan H501A X4 Air Pro
Hubsan H501A X4 Air Pro Waypoints FPV

Undoubtedly , H501S is one of the hot sellers for Hubsan in 2016 (learn more here), H501A have a slight advantage over H501S, way point navigation, point of interest and mobile relay that extend the control distance of the the drone when operated through mobile are interesting features that makes H501A Air Pro stand out from its predecessor. the design of the outer shell, integrated 1080p HD camera and features like follow me, Automatic return to home remain same. below are few some of the  key features of  H501A X4 Air Pro

First Exclusive Pictures of Hubsan H501A X4 Quadcopter

Hubsan H501A unboxing Package
Hubsan H501A Package
Hubsan H501A quadcopter first Glance
Hubsan H501A quadcopter first Glance

Feature Highlights of H501A

  • APP Compatible
  • Waypoint navigation/orbit mode
  • 1080P High Definition Camera
  • GPS Accurate Position
  • Automatic Return To Home
  • Flight Time of 20 Minutes
  • 7.4v 2700mah lipo Battery
  • FPV:Real Time Photo/Video Transmission through Mobile App/Transmitter
  • Brushless Motors
  • High Definition Camera with Resolution- 1920*1080P
  • Flight Control Failsafe/Low Power Failsafe
  • GPS/Follow Me/Headless/RTH/Automatic Take-Off

H501A X4 Air Features
Hubsan H501A X4 Air Features
From the pictures its evident that, H501A will be available in two variants/choices,

Option 1 (Standard BNF): It comes paired with H906A transmitter (Advanced Version of H501S) for more precise and comfortable handling, this is a large remote controller which has an integrated FPV screen, the control distance is approximately 1000 meters

Option 2 (Professional RTF): As H501A is app compatible, you will get a Mobile Relay to boost the FPV transmission distance through WIFI, check the below image, (cell phone is not part of the purchase)

Hubsan H501A X4 Air Mobile Relay
H501A Mobile Relay Device

Hubsan App will be available soon for both android and ios platforms.

Difference Between H501A and H507A

Though H501A and H507A are NOT comparable, (Too many H50XX Variants from Hubsan) below are few key differences between the new launches
  • H501A is more of an upgrade to H501S with waypoints and app compatibility with mobile relay option on the other hand H507A falls under Toy Grade category with brushed motors and its refreshed 502C, Learn more here
  • H501A comes with 1080P camera and 7.4 volts battery while H507A has 550 mah battery with 720p camera

    Pricing and Availability

    Hubsan H501A X4 Air Pro is expected to be available soon in the retail mart in early February. Gearbest currently listing both the variants of H501A as BNF and RTF with a price difference of  $100 between option 1 and 2.

    Purchase Options

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