Syma X8SC X8SW X8SG, Good choice of Drones in 2017

Syma continue to enhance its X8 Series Quadcopters and definitely there is no reason why they shouldn't do that, the X8 Series quadcopters from the Brand Syma are most durable, budget friendly big in size, most popular and which has the ability to carry a gopro sized camera, sold well till date when they were initially launched in 2015.

Syma X8SC X8SW Quadcopter
Syma X8SC X8SW and X8SG are 350mm wheel base large-scale quadcopters, which are an upgrade of the former X8 quadcopters, adopted the most today's advanced 6-axis gyro stabilization system and algorithm which offers more stable flight, and the brand new transmitter for better handling. X8SW, X8SC comes equipped with a HD camera and a 4GB TF card slot to support super clear photo and 720P video recording, along Wifi FPV transmission

Design -Insights of Syma X8SC, X8SW, X8SG

 In 2016, Syma  redefined the X5 Series (X5UW and X5UC) with the new look to the body and transmitter, with that said, lets have a profound look at the new X8S series.The elegance of Syma X8 Continues with the launch of new X8S series (Syma X8SC, X8SW, X8SG ) quacopter with refreshing design and features.

The design is what changed most in the X8S series drones, they are much slimmer and seems to have better aerodynamics. the colors makes the drones look pleasant with red chrome trim. The power button is now located at the top, making it easy to turn on and off. The Propeller protectors have got a change over, they look modern and with highly elastic in nature, they tend to provide protection during crashes. the redefined transmitter is now more sleek and representing dji in terms of design. 

Smart Snap-In Battery

Even the Battery gets a design upgrade, almost similar to what is seen with the professional drones, installation is simple and easy, Snap in the battery and you are ready to take off  to the heights! no more wires and connectors and it also comes with a secure clip, no chance of battery coming out of the compartment.
Syma X8SC X8SW Quadcopter Battery
The battery is 7.4V and 2000mah Lipo, giving into 8 to 10 minutes of flight time with a single charge cycle which approximately takes 30 minutes.this is applicable to the all new X8S series drones (X8SC, X8SW, X8SG).With the new high-energy cell and advance battery management system, it can offer sufficient power for drone

Redesigned Remote Controller

Syma X8SC X8SW Quadcopter Drone Transmitter
The standard legacy black and digital LCD transmitter is now replaced with what is seen with DJI drones, the new Syma X8S transmitter comes with two control sticks with a power button in between and the function buttons at the top, the design is stylish with a refreshing look and easy to operate. For X8SW, there is provision to hold a phone for real time FPV.

Technical Specifications of Syma X8SC, X8SW, X8SG

Brand Syma
Variants X8SC, X8SW, X8SG
Channel 4 Channels
Battery 7.4 volts 2000mAh Li-Po, Smart Snap-in
Control Distance 70 meters
Flight Time 8-10 Minutes approximately
Transmitter Controlled By Phone,WiFi FPV and Remote controller
Gyro 6-Axis
Camera 720P Camera 0.3 megapixels
Main Motor Coreless Motors
Weight 1.50 KGs
Dimensions 50.00 x 50.00 x 19.00 cms
Features Headless Mode, Altitude hold, Auto take off/land
Price $109.99 Buy it Here 

Which one should you opt for?

Technically, all the three variants (X8SC, X8SW, X8SG) have same Technical specifications, when it comes to  motors, build and dimensions. they only vary by cameras, X8SC and X8SW comes with 0.3 megapixels aka 2MP 720p standard camera, while the X8SG come with GoPro kind of sports camera with 8 Megapixels (manufactured by Syma)

The Features like headless mode, Altitude Hold and the one key automatic take off  and landing remain same on all three variants. With that said, if you are a beginner and want to try out big drones and want to experience the FPV through Phone, Syma X8S series are the best choice. i would recommend to opt for X8SW, if you can spend some more bucks, you could get a 8 MP Camera with X8SG.

Few More Pictures

Syma X8SC X8SW Quadcopter Drone Top ViewSyma X8SC X8SW Quadcopter DroneSyma X8SC X8SW Package unboxing
Purchase Options of new Syma X8SC and X8SW:

Syma X8SC - $96.04
Syma X8SW - $104
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  1. HI, are you sure that the motors are the same in all X8S series?
    I already have a gopro and I want to mount it on the X8SC since it is the cheaper one and since i don´t need FPV. Do you think it is a good choice or I should go to the x8HG since i read that the have more powerful motors which can handle the extra weight of the gopro? Thank you

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