DYS SE2205 Pro - best selling Brushless motors for Racing Drones

DYS (DONG YANG MODEL TECHNOLOGY CO) a manufacturer from china is making a significant mark in the drone space with the powerful brushless motors. Though there are many variants of brush less motors from DYS, the newly launched SE2205 pro 2300KV and 2550KV brushless motors stand apart from today's most renowned brands like EMAX.These arebest suited for FPV racing drones  of sizes 180, 210, 220 sizes.
DYS SE2205Pro 2300KV 2550 KV Brushless Motors

DYS SE2205 Pro is available in two variants one with 2300KV and the other with 2550KV, below are the quick specifications and features of the both the motors.Though the features remain same, technically both 2300 and 2550 vary when it comes to current and power.

Features of SE2205 Pro 2300KV and 2550KV Brushless Motors

  • New design with imported NMB bearing
  • N52 magnet and 0.2mm lamination
  • Powerful with 1.1kg thrust to work with BN5045 Prop
  • Hollow shaft with screw to fix the shaft
  • Special design for the FPV racer champions

Specifications of SE2205 Pro 2300KV/2550KV Brushless Motors

Brand DYS
Model No SE2205 Pro
KV 2300 and 2550
Configuration NP
Stator Diameter 22.0mm
Stator Length 5.0mm
Shaft Diameter 3.0mm
Motor Dimensions(Dia.*Len) Φ27.7×19.0mm
Max Continuous current(A)2300KV/2550KV 26.8A/27.8A
Max Continuous Power(W)2300KV/2550KV 428.8W/411.4W
Internal resistance 2300KV/2550KV 0.06Ω/0.08Ω
Weight (g) 30g
No.of Cells(Lipo) 3-5S

These two variants are available in both clock wise (CW) and counter clock wise (CCW) direction, each selling for $17.99,Check the below link for the availability and the latest price.

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