HBX 12889 Off-Road Thruster Truck Car Review

After flying many FPV Quads , want to try something new with FPV but this time it with the big RC Monster Trucks. Recollecting my first RC Monster Truck, it's 9115 1/12 2.4GHz 2WD Brushed Variant way back in 2015, it still runs great. Today, its time to review the new HBX 12889 Thruster, my first 4WD off-road truck.

And amazingly, after driving it for two days, i had to admit the fact that ,its one of favorites till date, a wonderful experience with HBX 12889 Thruster. With that said, let's get into some detailed insights of this off-road racer.

HBX 12889 1/12 2.4G 4WD RC Truggy Thruster Off-Road Desert Truck
HBX 12889 Thruster 1:12 RC Off-road Truck

The new big 1/12Scale RC Truck in the market - its Hai Boxing HBX 12889 Thruster Off-Road racing truck. Truck, is my choice. you might be interested to check my previous article of CAR Beach FPV and its required stuff, read here.

Lets look at HBX 12889 Thruster Racing Truck  Features and specifications in detail

HBX 12889 Thruster Truck Lights

Features of  HBX 12889 Thruster Off-Road Truck

  • The truck uses RC390 motor and offers two different speeds, i.e., 25 - 26km/h and 15 - 16km/h
  • Excellent steering experience with dual 2.2kg high-torque servos, 40A CVT ESC, and the satellite different gear
  • Outstanding anti-vibration performance thanks to the oil-filled shock absorbers and optimized rear axle structure
  • 2.4GHz 4WD full proportional control system, anti-interference, 80m long control distance
  • Splash proof all-terrain vehicle with 2-in-1 waterproof ESC receiver, durable ball bearings, metal differential gear, and a spare rubber tire
  • Bright LED lights expel the darkness in the evening and ensure the driving safety

Specifications of HBX 12889 Thruster Racing Truck

Brand HBX HaiBoxing
Model No 12889 1/12th Thruster Off Road Truck
Wheel Drive 4WD
Max Speed 26km Per hour
Color Yellow,Green,Blue
Run Time 11 Plus minutes
Control Distance 80 Meters
Battery 7.4 Volts 1500 mah LI-ON
Remote Control 2.4 Ghz, Intelligent Radio controller
Price $108 - Buy It Here

Out of Box, its ready to Run

Give the weight 2.2kgs, The shipment is quite big, weighing 2.5KGs including the 2.4 ghz transmitter, charger and the box itself . Received through EMS safely from banggood, thanks for good additional outer protection.

Out of the box, you see the big Truck in yellow and black combination, locked to the cardboard with zip ties, (to avoid any movements during transportation), the big spare wheel draws your attention. You also get to see the remote controller with steering wheel with the charger I also received a EU adapter  wall charger. All i needed was 2 AA batteries to power on the transmitter and get ready for the Drive!

HBX 12889 Thruster Truck Lights Ready to Run
HBX 12889 Thruster Truck Car Ready to Run

Design and Build - Complete Hard Plastic

the truck is mostly made of hard plastic, the top is removable shell cover with flashy vinyl designs  and racing labels and the finish looks glossy. the bottom houses all the motors, escs, suspension and wheels, along with the battery compartment.In addition, you also get the spare replacement Tyre, in-case of hard crash.

The remote comes with a standard design. jog wheel for steering and trigger for forward and backward movements. There is also a steering trim and throttle trim which are easily accessible to fine tune the car. The power button is located at the top, there is also an option to reverse the steering , which means the jog wheel will reverse its direction from left to right and right to left.

HBX 12889 Truck Remote Controller

7.4 volts, 1500 mah li-ion battery -15 minutes of Run Time

The battery compartment is located at the back, capable of holding a big two cell 7.4 volts li-ion  battery. its easy to remove and plug in the battery. With the provisioned wall charger, the complete charge cycle took about 3 hours 3 minutes as advertised, while the run time of the truck with leds on during most of the time, was almost 11-15  plus minutes as promised.

the run time might go beyond 15 minutes, if you are not driving the truck too aggressively with  drifts and sudden halts.

HBX 12889 Thruster Truck battery

HBX 12889 off-Road, my First Drive and conclusion

The Thruster is powered by a powerful RC390 brushed motor and it is equipped with solid rear axle with an independent front suspension chassis system.it is delivered by two speed transmission which can be fulfilled by the additional servo and switch-able with the help of 3-channel radio.Below are the additional technical details - the dimensions of  HBX 12889
  • Length: 400mm
  • Width: 230mm
  • Height : 170mm
  • Wheelbase: 255mm
  • Wheel Dia: 90 mm
  • Wheel Width: 38 mm
  •  Motor: Brushed RC 390
  • Weight 2.2 kgs

If you are Looking for a fun, easy and safe heavy duty truck, undoubtedly HBX 12889 is the best choice in the range of $100+ .High Speed 26km/h, 4WD,  It has got good front wheel suspension with 2.4G radio control to enable actions like racing forward or backward, turning left or right .

The steering and the throttle trims on the remote controller are much useful to adjust the steering and wheel deviations, mainly on the off-roads uneven surfaces, thanks for making it accessible through the remote.

HBX 12889 Thruster Truck Front wheelsHBX 12889 Thruster Truck rear wheels

Durable off-road,  tires have high performance on a variety of surfaces.on hard concrete surfaces, the drive is smooth and fast when compared to the drive uneven land, though its obvious i felt 9115 is more accurate off-road without any fine tuning using trims.

The Speed - HBX 12889 can drive in two speed modes, 26 kmph as the highest and 15/16 k mph the lowest. to accelerate more and to get into the high speed mode, there is an aux button on the right of the transmitter, we need to activate that, HBX cruises much faster.

The Super Bright Led's: It fun to drive the HBX during night, the trucks comes with 6 LEDS equipped, all you need to do is to plug in the wire to lighten them, personally, the 6 led's give a good pathway to the car and makes it easy to drive during nights and low light conditions 

More Close-up shots of HBX 12889 truck -Image Gallery

HBX 12889 Thruster Truck LED PlugHBX 12889 Thruster Truck Front suspensionHBX 12889 Thruster Truck Front wheelHBX 12889 Thruster Truck motorsHBX 12889 Thruster Truck battery compartmentHBX 12889 Thruster Truck FPV

Great Truck to get started with Racing FPV

HBX 12889 Thruster Truck With Eachine FPVHBX 12889 Thruster Truck With Spare wheelHBX 12889 Thruster Truck With Front Camera

Test Drive Video of HBX 12289 Thruster Truck

Stay tuned for the complete running video of HBX 12889 along with Eachine FPV .

Spare Parts of HBX 12889 Thruster

In case of damaged parts, the spares of HBX are easily available at banggood here
FPV Accessories. Buy the Car here for $108 Ships world wide.

As usual, Thanks to banggood for providing the car for honest and unbiased Review

HBX 12889 4WD Thruster Off-Road Truck
Reviewed by Ans Pri on
March 13 2017
Rating: 4.5

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